Audrina Patridge Tells Her Side of the Story

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Audrina Patridge wants to set the record straight about her feud with Lauren Conrad and LC's alleged hookup (which never happened) with loser Justin-Bobby.

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    Lauren is not a 'straight up bitch'. she is REAL. she's the only one on The Hills who speaks her mind and lets her feelings show. Audrina used to be a good person but whatever happened to trusting your friends? what did Lauren ever do to lose the trust? NOTHING!

    Yeah i would probably freak out if i heard one of my good friends got with my bf, but dude whinging bout it to Heidi aint gonna help. It's only going to cause drama for yourself!

    ...and if one of my friends asked if i got with their bf, i would be offended! i'm not that kinda person and i know Lauren isn't either.


    the point really is...the WHOLE THING IS FAKE.
    justin and audrina are NOT dating.
    he is dating another girl and has been seeing her since 2007
    and audrina has been seeing another guy .
    ever noticed that justin and audrina never kiss on camera?
    wonder why!


    It's interesting how hateful Audrina has become, when Lauren has been such a loyal friend to her. LC knows who she is, and does not allow men to treat her like garbage the way Audrina does. It is completely obvious that Audrina is jealous of LC in every way. Brody was absolutely right and I am glad LC has dropped Audrina! That girl is drama and seems like a horrible friend. I mean, when Justin Bobby has had it with your idiocy, you KNOW you have some problems.


    It's hard to admit when you have been so wrong about something, and Audrina has a lot of growing up to do. Being on TV and having people watch you all the time doesn't make you mature it only makes you think your better then everything. Just understand that you were wrong and move on, it happens it's a lesson learned. Audrina you are human and as a human your allowed to make mistakes but don't make excuses for acting like a fool by bad mouthing your friend to other people or telling off someone that you loved. MISTAKES HAPPEN!!!


    Oh she didn't run around mouthing off about it huh! She only went on national television on the Ellen show whinging about it LOL


    I think Audrina is really stupid to have bring up the issue of Justin Bobby and LC. That could never happen what was she thinking. And to bring the whole issue to Heidi is just causing drama.


    This is just total rubbish! They only acted that way because it's such a stupid rumor! I don't blame Lauren for hanging up on her, she was stupid to believe it. And why would you 'keep your mouth shut and smile'? That way you would never get an answer. Duh


    Another "poor little ol me" whine from Audrina!!!!! Who's now trying to put the blame on LC? LC didn't act like a child - she just couldn't believe you would even ask her such a DUMB question - I would have done the same and slammed the phone down on you in disgust. YOU NEED TO GROW UP - AND GET A LIFE.......


    It's really unfortunate that Audrina didn't trust Lauren, and it probably will end up costing her a lot in the end. No matter whether they remain civil with each other or not, the relationship (if there still is one) will never be the same. Was it worth the loss? I'll bet the answer is no!


    Audrina is an insecure pathetic loser for even thinking Lauren would ever hook up with Justin Bobby. Brody Jenner said it right when he told Lauren to drop her as a friend!

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