Ashlee Simpson Blogs About Bronx Mowgli

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Ashlee Simpson has blogged about her newborn son, Bronx Mowgli, with husband Pete Wentz. Here’s what she wrote on her MySpace page ...

"Hey everyone! Just wanted to write and check in! Motherhood is the most fantastic experience I have ever been thru, [Bronx Mowgli] makes me laugh and smile everyday! I finally left the house for Fall Out Boy’s show on Monday night, which was so good. Their new songs sound awesome live, I can’t wait for their new record! And last night I went to Pete and Bronx’s godfather Travis’ art how. It’s amazing to see how many artistic outlets those boys have! Made me very proud. It was an awesome show and so many of our friends and family came out to support. I hope you guys have a great holiday, I can’t wait to spend it with my new family. Christmas tree goes up tomorrow!

XO Ash"

Ashlee and Pete Wentz

LOVING PARENTS: Ashlee Simpson (now Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) like, could not be happier with her new son. So she decided to scar him for life with his own name.


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ashlee I just want t say you are amazing, I get so sick of negative responses about Bronx I could puke. I think its great and I love the culture and meaning of it. Only your opinion matters eff the all, I love ya girl! Are you planning another album?? I hope so cant wait to hear and see more of you! Gob Bless


oh wow that poor, poor kid! he's gonna get picked on soooo much. I wouldnt care who the parents are i would. i wouldnt pay to see pictures of that little thing, i wold pay for them to go away!!! she needs to burn and i hope it hurts just as much as when my ears bleed when i hear her music. again that poor poor child...


I think Ashlee and Pete make an adorable couple and I have always liked Ashlee's music. I would Love to see pictures of little Bronx and I actually like the name! Congrats to the new family. I think everyone is being a little harsh...

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