Alexandra Burke is the X-Factor Champion

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As the United States television audience gears up for season eight of American Idol, those in Great Britain have already crowned their next singing sensation.

Alexandra Burke took home the X-Factor crown Saturday night, following in the impressive footsteps of past winners such as Leona Lewis.

Will Burke enjoy the same success as Lewis? Watch the former sing a duet with Beyonce during the X-Factor finale and decide for yourself...


wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! i need money oh welllllllllll! ;]


I agree! I think Alexandra Burke will be much bigger than Leona! Check of this site here http://www.alexandra-burke-mus... Russ


she is going to do betta than leona i think. she is AMAZING


In the UK just now Alexandra is like a hero!! This video does not do her justice cos she is soo much better!! Download her single 'Hallelujah' it's awesome! LOVE HER!!


Alexandra Burke Biography

Alexandra Burke was named the winner of 2008's X-Factor, Great Britain's answer to American Idol. Burke was born in North London and is... More »
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