2008: A Solid Year For Plastic Surgery

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What a year for plastic surgery. Despite having achieved fame and fortune already, many celebrities just can't resist going under the knife. Just look at this guy!

What a freak. But here we're focused solely on 2008 and some of the best (and worst) unnecessary surgeries performed on stars in the past 12 months.

Jessica Simpson, Huge Cleavage

Leading the way - and following in the talentless, surgery-loving footsteps of little sister Ashlee - is our girl Jessica Simpson. Her gigantic boobs may be all-natural, but no way that schnozz is. Absolutely none. Girl had that thing shaved down.

Look at two sets of Jessica Simpson pics from 2008 (left) vs. before ...

We rest our case. Follow the jump for the full rundown on our next subjects - featuring one more nose job and a ton of lip-injecting madness ...

Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical admits she had surgery to fix a "deviated septum" - a made-up way of saying "nose job," but one that sure sounds good! Call it want you want, the once-cute Tizz opted for the generic, Hollywood blonde look ...

Mary-Kate Olsen, meanwhile, appears to have had some solid face work recently. At 21, you'd think she'd be too young for so much plastic surgery, but why let that stop you? Here's a look at her enhanced, permanent, happy troll smile...

Similarly, is Charlize Theron's face looking over-worked these days? She said in the past that she'd never have plastic surgery, but you know how that goes ...

Awesome. While many fans may lust after Lisa Rinna nude, the soap opera star apparently determined her lips needed some enhancement, as well. Ouch. We're just upset they didn't make this a plot line on Days of Our Lives ...

Saving the best for last, we present to you Miss Brittany Murphy. How bad is the work she had done on her lips? So bad, we don't even need a "before" picture:

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Well I think Brittany Murphy was always beautiful!!


Jessica Simpson looked much better before. After being sold a bill of goods about her being a "Christian" and "waiting" 4 marriage with Nick Lachey. It's hard to take her seriously portraying herself to be one thing and being so disingenuous only staying married 3 years. Nobodys perfect, but should not a "Christian" give her marriage more then a 3 year chance. The grass is always greener, what about now Jess?