Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale: Red Carpet Combat!

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In the High School Musical franchise, Vanessa Hudgens (as Gabriella) defeats Ashley Tisdale's Sharpay when it comes to the affections of Zac Efron (as Troy).

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    i think aShley's better than baby v . she looks so adorable and natural . her life is simple n doesn't seem like V (her nude scandal) . but howeve they're both are best frend so still support they both (bcoz she's ashley's bff) !


    Hey, let's face it, "The Tiz" has it all over Vanessa.


    omg!! to those who hate ashley.... you guys suck like satan!! i love ash wayyyyy more than V!!! i mean she cant dance and sing!!!!!! she dances sooooo stifly!!!! like in "everyday" gawd!! shes sooooo exagerated!!!!! ashley and jared rules!! while van and zac sucks


    Hey Mandy, i love ashley so i say that ashley 's better,you love Vanessa and you said vanessa won this one, everybody has their own thought, and we think ashley's great.We think Vanessa is un-natural and ugly ,it's the truth. Where did you get the information "over 70% of the world think V is beautiful",i think "over 70% of the world think V is porn" is better than your information, Mandy!! Goodluck


    In response to Tuki, Okay so since everyone makes mistakes, does that mean we are all un-natural and ugly? Nobody's perfect! We all make mistakes! Vanessa isn't the only one!

    And to Sierra. I love your name but certainly not your comment! Over 70% of the world think Vanessa's beautiful. Especially her boyfriend. Even your IDOL Ashley said so herself. And plus, why would Ashley even consider to email you when you just called her best friend ugly? I may not know Vanessa or Ashley but I know that they are both nice enough to support each other. And I doubt the comment you just posted is going to get on her good side.

    P.S. They both look amazing but I think Vanessa's just won this one.


    We hate V because she makes mistake and she doesn't look natural, so ugly!


    i cant decide i like u both any way v email me u both rock!


    I think vanessa is so ugly but ashley you look email me ashley


    I love Vanessa and hate Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!! V,u and Zac rocks!


    Why does everybody hate v? Because of her nude scandal? She's apologise about that already. And people make mistake. Just accept it and correct it. I'm such a big fan of yours

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