Tyra Banks is More Pathetic Than Natalie Dylan

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We hate Tyra Banks more and more every day.

The attention-starved host had Natalie Dylan on her talk show yesterday. Yes, the same Natalie Dylan that is selling her virginity to the highest bidder.

And while that may seem pathetic and immoral to some, it's a personal decision. Tyra, conversely, attempts to portray herself as a profound, serious voice in the world. When she donned a fat suit last year - in order to prove how difficult everything was for the overweight - Banks broke down in tears at how cruel life can be.

But it's all just a stunt for Tyra. She'll do anything for attention and ratings.

Here's video of Dylan on the show:


why do people have to pull the race card all the time? it has nothing to do with her being black and everything with the fact that the woman lacks integrity or a brain but her show is shown to millions of people around the world!


Hey, I would be a nanny for 3 years. The first year $2,000,000, and the following 2 $1,000,000. Tyra if you know some one that's interested contact me at cunningham.simonia@yahoo.com I am willing to relocate for this one. I'll even come on your show to discuss the deal. I think Tyra,... her work is wonderful, there really should be more woman contributing to society the way that she is. She is definitely keeping viewers updated with the craziness in the world! Give her a hand that she loves what she does. This girl selling her vaginity is going to have kids one day that will never respect her. I guess she need the head start on the lifestyle. I'm so sorry.


Hello haters. Nobody can stand to see a black woman who is successful. If a black woman dose something positive she's either labeled stuck up and self centered, or If she's has an opinion and expresses it in a non monotone voice she's ghetto. You should really look at Tyra Bank's track record and then look at your own. She has an Emmy Winning talk show, 2 reality shows on TV and currently working on her 3rd, and she was the first black woman to be on the Cover of "Sports Illustrated." And you people here, have a website with a hideous pastel background with bad graphics.


nov.4,2008 election day,what is wrong with your guest?those are very selfish women.i have no sympathy for them,because first of all they knew they were addictive smokers,why in the world would they get pregnant and punish their unborn child? children don't deserve this kind of treatment.they should feel the love the movement growing inside of them.i just don't understand this kind of behavior i think they should already go to jail for child abuse and i certaintly approve this message. set

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