The Jonas Brothers Rock the American Music Awards

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We're not trying to player-hate on Nick, Kevin and Joe. The Jonas Brothers seem like really good dudes. But they shouldn't be singing live. Not yet.

They are clearly awesome at starring in Disney movies, dumping Taylor Swift over the phone, wearing promise rings and eliciting squeals from teen girls.

But they ought to consider lip-synching, at least until they hit puberty and their voices fall an octave or several. There's no shame in it, guys. Take a cue from Britney Spears. The studio track not only sounds better, it allows for more dancing!

Here's the incomparable Jonas Brothers (after being introduced by the sultry Demi Lovato!) doing "Tonight" at last night's American Music Awards ...

WARNING: Be sure to secure any glass items near your computer - they may instantly combust during the parts where the guys try to harmonize.


nick jonas is so cute!!


I luv the Jonas Brothers.... Nick is the hottest....My dad met their dad and sang with them!


It's great that they sang live and they are good singers but that performance wasn't great. Maybe they were just nervous. Well it happens to all great singers.


i can't believe you would say that....they sound perfect...and the fact that nick's voice is high makes them sound so just shut up!!


Ugghhh. My ears. They cannot sing. What an insult to real talent. The "Partridge Family" could hold a better tune without the 'real' singers.


I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with your (rightful) opinion. I thought they rocked it, I love their voices. They are one of the few bands with a distinctive musical and vocal sound, and one of the few acts that don't lipsync. People just aren't used to live performance anymore.

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