The Hills Preview: Justin-Bobby and Lauren Conrad?!

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We've read and talked about the alleged LC-Justin-Bobby hookup for weeks. Now, on tonight's episode of The Hills, we watch it unfold from their perspective.

In the sneak preview we've posted below, Audrina Patridge tearfully admits to a co-worker that Lauren and Justin hooked up - which Lauren vehemently denies.

"[Audrina]'s calling me a bad friend, she's calling me a shady person," LC tells Lo Bosworth. Worst of all, "She's saying I would hook up with ... him!"

Seriously, LC, we feel you on that one. Talk about slumming it.

Justin-Bobby sort of denies it in typical douchebag fashion. But LC had no intention of beating around the bush, telling Audzo, "You're way worse than Heidi!"


Speaking of Heidi Montag, she's getting into a fight with both Spencer Pratt and her sister, Holly Montag, in this episode. Follow the jump to peep the preview ...


Slight mdainderstsniung, I think. She's not voicing the audiobook. She is just reading the book, as it's on her to-read list.The audio book is read by Ray Porter. I'm not sure who he is. But the audiobook for Dermaphoria, is read by Mr. Clevenger himself.


Omg! I can't believe Audrina actually believes this! She is worse than Heidi. Lauren would never do that, especially with Justin Bobby, he's horrible!! I just can't believe she believes it!


IF anyone think's that LC would ever do that they are crazy..She's like the perfect example of what a B.F.F should be. I also understand where Audrina is comming from , but as her friend not only should she have went about it in a different matter but she should have learned by now people start rumer's for no reason. ALSO instead of getting her panties in a bunch she should have looked into it more brfore acting irrational.. Now she may have lost the 2 most inportant people, and if not there relatinship will be different.


Does she even have a brain? How could she think LC will hook up with JB? That is Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. She looks so pathetic when she go around town and whine about it.!!!


Lauren is waaaayyyy to classy to even hook up with JB AND have sloppy seconds! Audrina should know better, she just wanted the publicity. Why else would she go on talk shows bleeting about it?????? Hopefully we will see less of her now that she has moved out. WE CAN BUT HOPE FINGERS CROSSED


Lauren and Justin totally are guilty. They both said the same thing when Audrina asked them about it. Lauren didn't swear to God that she didn't do it. Lauren never actually says "no". Lauren just tells Audrina that she is worst than Heidi for even thinking that she did it. They are totally lying!


aww, poor Lauren, she looks so hurt when she cries.
Audrina is completely idiotic to believe this, yet, it's JB she's complaining to about it?

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