Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Dish on The Hills Drama, How I Met Your Mother Cameo

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Spencer Pratt and the love of his totally authentic life, Heidi Montag (along with Kim Kardashian!) are filming scenes for CBS' How I Met Your Mother.

E! Online caught up with Speidi to talk about their appearance on HIMYM, as well as Montag's ridiculously fake "firing" on The Hills this month..

Q: So, HIMYM. What can you tell us?

Spencer Pratt: We're really thrilled and excited...It's an honor to be up there with other guest cameos like Britney Spears, and who else? Mandy Moore, Heidi Klum, so we're honored to be in that clique.

Heidi Montag: I thought you were going to say Heidi Montag!

Spencer Pratt: Of course, queen of the world!

Spencer and Heidi Smile

Q: You're playing yourselves?

Spencer Pratt: Yes, and I am the Mother! You heard correctly. Besides that pregnant man this year, I'm the other one in America.

Heidi Montag: I hope I'm not the Mother. I don't want to be a mother, not yet.

Q: I hear you guys are part of a scene that's all about going to the bathroom?

Spencer Pratt: You have to tune in. I don't want to get in trouble giving away their storyline.

Q: Have to ask you, Heidi, that scene on The Hills last week where Brent Bolthouse fired you for having a drink on the job seemed pretty fake. When you saw it, how did you feel it turned out?

Heidi Montag: I haven't seen it; I don't know what it looked like.

Spencer Pratt: So you're saying that she wasn't really fired from her job, is that what you're insinuating?

Heidi Montag: Is that what it was?

Q: A lot of viewers emailed in to us to say that it looked very set up and forced...

Heidi Montag:  I mean, I'm a lightweight, so if I have one drink it affects me a little more than I think, so I never drink. I don't know...It was very shocking to me and a little bit out of control.

Spencer Pratt: Maybe her surprise made it look...Her reaction wasn't as real?

Heidi Montag: The surprise was very hard.


Plastic face and lips!!


Heidi is the dumbiest bitch on the show. She really needs to be smacked, she will learn in the long run Spencer is a waist of time and to never put him before her family and friends.


hey Heidi
do you think that you will get pregant by him and miove on from your all that nonsense hope that eveeryhtingworks out for you make good choices .......

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