Should Adrienne Bailon Be Fired?

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Stop us if you've heard this before:

Naked pictures of a major Disney star, supposedly meant for her boyfriend's eyes only, have been allegedly stolen and leaked online.

Very Busty

Indeed, the recent Adrienne Bailon nude photo controversy makes the paraphrasing of an axiom clear: those that do not learn from the past mistakes of Vanessa Hudgens are doomed to repeat them.

Hudgens, of course, narrowly avoided firing at the hands of the world's most powerful mouse. Will Bailon escape similarly unscathed? And would that be the right decision? You tell us:

Should Disney fire Adrienne Bailon?


Not fired. Rather, forgotten.


The photos were probably released as an intentional promotion ploy. It's a strategy that is proven to work. Who had heard of Paris Hilton before the sex tape? It worked for Vanessa Hudgens. It wouldn't surprise me at all. And as for the mouse -- All they're interested in is money.


Should she be fired because her private photos were stolen and distributed without her consent? Definitely not.


No, cause hoes only make more money for the Disney's a business.


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