Sarah Palin Gets Prank Called

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With the election just two days away, Arizona Sen. and Republican presidential hopeful John McCain made fun of himself last night on Saturday Night Live.

His running mate, Sarah Palin, was simply made fun of by others.

Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel, a radio duo known as Masked Avengers and famous for their prank phone calls (often to celebrities) in Montreal, Quebec, released a recording of a six-minute call to the Alaska Governor.

Sarah Palin thought she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Despite numerous hints - an exaggerated accent, ridiculous comments and jokes left and right - that this was bogus, Palin didn't appear to pick up on them.

In the conversation, the impersonators discuss, among other things, the "Joe le Plumber," shooting animals from helicopters, and Carla Bruni in bed. Really.

Listen to the prank call in the clip below...


How dumb can she be? This call was not unfair or merely publicized bc she is a republican it just goes to show how dumb, gullible, and naive she is...Not candidate material for anything except pta mom...And her staff was obviously ill prepared as well..Good riddance!


I beg to differ.
Doesn't sound like Palin, sounds like Fey.
Honestly guys, give Palin some credit.


Sorry, I just don't find this kind of stunt funny or press-worthy. It's being reported, of course, because Miss Palin is a Republican, not because it has any public value. We don't see this website reporting on the fact that Hussein Obama's aunt is here in this country illegally (of course she'll be rushed through the immigration process) and though living in Section 8 (government funded housing) she somehow has been able to donate thousands of dollars to Obama's campaign (again, of course, Obama had NO idea she was here illegally and NO idea she was donating thousands of dollars). Next time be a little less political and a little more honest, huh?


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