Paul McCartney Likes Love, Nancy Shevell

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Paul McCartney is finally speaking out about new love, Nancy Shevell. But just a tiny bit.

"I just like being in love," the singer told the U.K.'s Sunday Times.

Meanwhile, Shevell -  an American businesswoman, who appears to be the antithesis to Heather Mills - says she isn't stressed by her boyfriend's iconic status.

"I'm a cancer survivor, I run a trucking company and I've got a 16-year-old to raise," Shevell said "That's stress."

Nancy Shevell is the opposite of Paul McCartney's ex-wife, Heather Mills. In other words, she has a soul.


Most people are just absolutely jealous of couples they see togethern and this behavior comes from their being alone, dumped, broke,or frustrated with life! As a couple, it appears she is getting tons of Paul's attention and time, he often is seen with her places, and when together and he appears to respect her etc....more than I can say for Heather Mills- these days! Men like Paul are rare indeed, so I think that some girls have all the luck, like Nancy, and so it appears absolute that another good looking bachelor is no longer available!


It is a scarey thing to have sex before marriage, agreed. Then with Paul McCartney, he seems to have lost his moral sense alltogether. Acutally their is not much you can do about this...anymore since he is a grown man and can make his own decisions about sex with Nancy Shevell. I know that some girls would gladly trade places with her, but I'm wondering why it is fucking taking so dam long for this to get beyond living togethr. Let's see though, they have only been at it for a year or so, and that is probably time enough to just coast. Most people agree that sex outside of marriage is wrong, but in their case who can judge.


Yep, she is in the TRUCKING BUSINESS.....ummm hmmmmmmmmmm....has a SON....good lord.... you forgot that he is a drug addict......he tells us all the time about his love for drugs, which really makes me wonder about shevell

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