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Eat your heart out, Jessica Simpson.

Britney Spears is lookin' smokin' hot on the December cover of the Australian Cosmopolitan magazine. Don't you think? Damn, girl. Looks like 2003 Britney!

Actually, it is. The picture is five years old.

The cover shot was taken by James White for a cover story than ran in a different magazine, Esquire, back in 2003. Cosmo either didn't know or just really liked it!

That's a little bit of a sham. Rest assured, though - the Britney Spears nude photo stills from the "Womanizer" music video are the real deal - and real current.

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As a few famous tandems compete to be named to pretend President and Vice President of the United States, the first African-American in history was actually elected to the highest office in the land last night.

How do a variety of celebrities feel about the victory by Barack Obama? Let's find out!

Barack Obama Birth Certificate

Oprah Winfrey: “There are not even words to talk about what this night means. It’s one of the greatest moments I could ever imagine. That’s how great it is.”
Madonna: “I’m so f—ing happy right now”
Lindsay Lohan: “YES WE CAN.”
Samantha Ronson: “YES WE DID!!”
Kanye West: “HI MOM, OBAMA WON!” (His mother passed away about a year ago.)
Usher: “Isn’t this incredible news? Man, this is incredible. It’s so incredible to see that this historical thing has happened.”

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She isn't wagging her tongue.

And he isn't shirtless.

Iced Coffee Lover

Still, any Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston sighting is news these days, as this couple refuses to admit its status as boyfriend and girlfriend. We're gonna keep posting stories about them until they come out!

Miley and her man were spotted at a Los Angeles mall yesterday. They look quite happy to be there together, don't they?!?

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Much as we like to rip on Perez Hilton, the man is a bona fide celebrity these days. His gossip site getting millions of hits is almost an afterthought.

On November 11, the celebrity gossip blogger will be making a cameo - as himself, Lauren Conrad style - on Privileged, the CW's newest hit show.

Here's a photo of the Perezer ...

Perez on Privileged

Perez Hilton, a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira, on Privileged. We'll be watching.

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The U.S. presidential election will be decided today. That's a very big deal.

This poll? Not so much.

But we've come up with some great celebrity tickets that we'd love to see run. Tell us which of the following tandems you'd support in a White House bid ...

  • Sex Tape Preview
  • Burke and Hough
  • Keeping it Hood

Who would you vote for?


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As usual, THG's recap of The Hills will consist of us grading last night's episode, awarding (or deducting) points for the best and worst moments.

This week, Audrina Patridge decides to move to her own place, where she hopes she'll be able to rekindle the passion with Justin-Bobby. Yes, really. LC is sad to see her go. Lo? Not as much. Elsewhere, Heidi Montag drinks on the job and gets fired.

Crystal Balling

On to the rankings!

LC worried how Audrina's move would affect their relationship: “It was just so quick. It was literally like, ‘By the way, I’m going to move like right now.’ She’ll always be my friend. We’ll see, though.” Yup, typical LC. Plus 3.

“It’s not the end of the story,” Lauren Conrad reiterated later. “It’s just to be continued.” The writers feeding her these lines need to be fired. Minus 2.

Audrina's sister, Casey Patridge, is like a regular Kat Von D! Plus 3.

Justin-Bobby has never been one to open up. Or speak in complete sentences.

Audrina sort of asks Justin-Bobby to move in with this pathetic line: “I don’t know if I want to live by myself. Would you want to move in? Maybe?” His reply: “You know, just let it happen. We’ll see what happens.” Wow on both. Even.

You know Lo is totally excited that Audrina's moving out. Plus 7.

No mention of how she affords this ridiculous place - by being a psuedo-celebrity - which goes for pretty much everything and everyone on The Hills. Minus 4.

Whitney Port gives us an absolutely tremendous o-face. As in O-MG! Plus 1.

Sam Nazarian, looking for his partner Brent Bolthouse at the restaurant opening, asked a clearly intoxicated Heidi if she knew where he was and “if she was still working.” She shot back, “Are you?” Holy crap, what a moron. Minus 5.

Always helpful, Spencer asked Sam if he wanted a shot. [Crickets] Plus 3.

Obligatory Minus 4 for the bonus four minutes of ads. Boo, MTV. Boo.

TOTAL: +2. We've kept it short this time so you can add your own if you like. Comment below and we'll adjust the total score as your thoughts pour in!

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Wait. We thought Tila Tequila was a lesbian. We're so confused!

According to Page Six, Justin Long - yes, the Mac computer guy - was caught canoodling with the often-nude reality TV star on Halloween night.

Mourning Tila

The ex-boyfriend of Drew Barrymore and former fling of Kirsten Dunst hooked up with Tequila in Las Vegas, as sources say the pair were spotted at a Los Angeles airport and nightclub Noir, where Long "asked [Tila] to straddle him while making out."

Shockingly, she complied.

Hi. I'm a Mac... and I'm a pretend bisexual.

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From club openings to late-night talk shows, to their own reality TV show to staged photo shoots every other day, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are everywhere.

Now The Hills' gruesome twosome is looking to add a few acting roles to their annoying resume. That's right, Team Speidi is looking to be on more TV.

A reliable source says one of TV's more consistently funny sitcoms - one also prone to stunt casting (see Spears, Britney) - is close to granting their wish.

Supposedly, Heidi Montag and her manager/fiance are angling to guest star in an upcoming How I Met Your Mother episode, which would likely air in December.

We know the excitement is palpable, but please, try to contain yourself.

DUMB AND DUMBER: Hate 'em or really hate 'em, there's no escaping Speidi.

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Considering her penchant for drugs, alcohol and promiscuity, Lindsay Lohan has never really been considered a role model.

As The Hollywood Gossip has mentioned previously, though, the actress' relationship with Samantha Ronson appears to have calmed her down a bit. Moreover, her plea this week for everyone to get out there and vote has earned Lohan our admiration.

"I cannot say how important it is for everyone to get out there," Lindsay wrote in a MySpace blog. "Vote – because your thoughts are worth it. VOTE – because YOU can make this country a better place. VOTE – because you can."

The Mean Girls star also urged readers to vote down a pair of initiatives on the California ballot: Proposition 8 (which attempts to ban gay marriage) and Proposition 4 (which requires parents to get 48-hours notice before any doctor performs an abortion on a minor).

"Just one vote can make such a difference," writes Lohan, a proud Barack Obama supporter.

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