Olga Kurylenko: Nude Photos Don't Bother Me

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Olga Kurylenko might star as Camille in the upcoming Quantum of Solace, but the actress doesn't need anyone to provide her with comfort over past naked photos.

Kurylenko says she's comfortable with the pictures that have been leaked online.

"There are no actresses who haven't appeared naked. These things are not unusual," she said. "All the magazine pictures are artistic. I didn't do any pornography... It was advertising stuff... It was part of the job... There are much graver things in the world to worry about."

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Olga Kurylenko Naked

Una mujer muy sexy y con un rostro cautivador, además un cuerpo armonioso y sensual que exhibe unas pequeñas teticas primorosas y un trasero incitador de fantasías para rendir culto a Eros con pasión y deleite sin término.


se is really having balls of fire... simply toooooo sexy


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Olga Kurylenko is a model from the Ukraine. She's appeared in the movie Hitman and will soon be seen in Bond 22. That ought to be a nice... More »
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