New Couple Alert: Josh Hartnett and Sienna Miller

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Sienna Miller has moved on from her fling with Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty.

According to reports, the promiscuous actress has wasted little time in conquering her latest hook-up: mediocre actor Josh Hartnett.

Earlier this week, the duo was spotted at London's Shoreditch House.

“They definitely looked like a couple — and a good looking one at that," said a source. "At one point, they were holding hands across the table, but they quickly hid them underneath. They looked really cozy as they dined, gazing into each other’s eyes, smiling and laughing. They continued talking and drinking until very late into the evening — there was definitely a buzz in the air."

Josh Hartnett isn't married, nor does he have a nanny with which he can cheat on Sienna Miller. Looks like the actress has finally found her ideal mate!


Sluttyienna, has been photographed leaving a doctors office twice, once in L.A. and once in London. Proabably her monthly VD checkup! Can you imagine the disease Slutty is spreading! I find it hard to believe a drunk could begin to care about safe sex! Josh, watch out!


sluttyienna miller strikes again


She is soo not a slut!! She just fell in love with a guy who is such a loser it's unbelievable! There was so many things in the way that it got too hard.


well it did not take miller long, must have been real love with getty ha ha ha, just proves to me that she is a slut and does not care what anybody thinks. Has she ever been without a man in her life? One thing is good he is at least not married.

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