New Couple Alert: Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle!

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Camilla Belle is best known for her role in the movie 10,000 B.C.

But the rumored new girlfriend of Joe Jonas should now be worried about the 10,000 screaming teenage girls jealous of her for stealing their man.

Camilla Belle on the Red Carpet

According to sources, these two started dating soon after Joe's break-up with Taylor Swift. They met on the set of The Jonas Brothers' music video for "Lovebug," in which Belle appeared.

"It was only after doing the video that they began to date," said an insider.

So, will we see Jonas and Belle posing together on red carpets in the near future? Don't count on it, added the source:

"They are not public about it but they've just been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers. They are very private about it."

Joe Jonas could do a lot worse than Camilla Belle. A whole lot worse.

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Joe is absolutely stunning, sweet, cute, talented and he deserves the best. Too soon? No way. He's a teenage boy and started to like someone else so he broke up with his girlfriend. He has no requirement to stay in mourning and single a certain amount of time after he breaks up with a girl. That's hogwash. And as for that Twighlight guy, have you seen the pictures of him lately. He does NOT seem like a nice guy, so if Camille is nice, I doubt she's dating him.


Joe is such a sweetie pie. I love him and support him with whomever he chooses to date. I want him to be happy and one day find the right (sweet not bitchy) person for him. LOVE YOU JOE! YOUR AMAZING JOE! BE HAPPY BABY! AND BE CAREFUL (especially with women)!!! LOTS OF PEOPLE WANNA GET THEIR CLAWS INTO YOU! LOVE YOU DANGER!


i dont believe that he would stoop so low to date someone after not even a month of being out of a relationship. plus i dont think he would date someone who is like 3-4 yrs older then him. shes pretty but i just dont believe it.


WHAT?! Joe Jonas should be going out with Demi Lovato not her!