New Couple Alert: Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle!

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Camilla Belle is best known for her role in the movie 10,000 B.C.

But the rumored new girlfriend of Joe Jonas should now be worried about the 10,000 screaming teenage girls jealous of her for stealing their man.

Camilla Belle on the Red Carpet

According to sources, these two started dating soon after Joe's break-up with Taylor Swift. They met on the set of The Jonas Brothers' music video for "Lovebug," in which Belle appeared.

"It was only after doing the video that they began to date," said an insider.

So, will we see Jonas and Belle posing together on red carpets in the near future? Don't count on it, added the source:

"They are not public about it but they've just been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers. They are very private about it."

Joe Jonas could do a lot worse than Camilla Belle. A whole lot worse.

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It not gonna last long, cause look he's sooooooooooo cute . Shes an old cougaur.


ugh i hate her me and taylor hate her she's ugly and 3 years away from her... joe is such a jerk broke up with taylor then dating this girl i was dating her but we are just friends now ,,, i love nick jonas now ?


Ugh why is he dating her he broke up with me for her.. that stupid slut i hate her he'll break her heart like he broke mine this is the real taylor swift guys i hate you joe


Mrs joe jonas
18-11-08 i love u and always will i like who u chose but this one was a bad choice and if i were u i would chose someone else its not that i hate her its just she doesn't sute u and i am your biggest fan in the whole world and i even have photo's of u around my room,(u beleive me now). love u from .............


its not true hes not going out with anyone...I dont believe these rumors because number 1 last week he was going out with brenda song and this week her this aint true.


camilla is way 2 old 4 joe i mean their 3 years apart well good luck 2 jomilla


gross she can pass as theyre sister. so nasty... taylors not cute but at least she wont b mistaken as his sis!


no. she looks way older than 22, and he looks younger than 19. such an awkward couple, its deff not gunna last long. i love joeeeeee to death but i just don't like it. normally im happy with whoever they choose to date, but this one, no. its just to weirddd! && they don't have the same values, see the picture of her... yeah. still love the boy foreverr!


Wow . . . and just one month ago he was dating Taylor Swift? For practicing abstinence, the guy does get around a lot.


the comment by 'Love You Joe!' sounds like it should be from his mum or something!!

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