Miranda Kerr: Engaged to Orlando Bloom?

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According to reports, Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom recently and secretly proposed to his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

Supposedly they are planning to walk down the aisle in late 2009.

“They are talking about getting married in a year. They have had a crazy year, but they love each other and she wants to be his wife,” reports Metro (UK).


KERRBLOOM: Orlando Bloom already sees Miranda Kerr nude on a regular basis. But he's got to tie the knot with her so we can immortalize their couple nickname.

If this is true, we wish them the best, although we are somewhat skeptical that fewer celebrity gossip sites haven't reported it. Then again, Orlando Bloom just isn't that interesting. Sorry, ladies. He's hot, sure. But besides that, what's to say?

No word on whether Miranda Kerr has been called very "uncool" by Kate Bosworth. Or whether Kate Bosworth is so sick over this news that she's stopped eating.




I've always picked up on something so slutty about miranda kerr. Yeah, there is nothing wrong with being sexy but she is just a whore. In every photo of her and orlando she's always all up in his face&all over him. Its like come on girl we know u like him but get off his d*ck already! We get the point-u like him! Even in her body language and mannerism she has no control over her sleaziness. Kate Bosworth had waaaay more class than her!Miranda leave the tonguing & fondling 4 behind closed doors we don't need 2 c it 24/7! CAN'T STAND HER. HOPE SHE GETS PUNCHED IN THA FACE!


~!♥♥♥ where here to support you ^_~♥♥♥!~
~!♥♥♥ take care you both ^_~, , ,>.


~!♥♥♥ w0w im so exited^_^♥♥♥!~
~!♥♥♥ with your wedding in 2009♥♥♥!~
~!♥♥♥ god bless u both♥♥♥!~


i think i like kerrlando better than kerbloom


Hey who cares about these two anyway? They are so...last year! They are both cheap whores. Don't make crude jokes about Kate Bosworth. She admitted she lost her weight when her uncle was diagnosed w/terminal cancer. Leave her alone, it's not her fault she dated this loser. Can't a girl make a mistake? Good luck Miranduh, you'll need it.



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