Mary Delgado: Arrested Again!

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The season six winner of The Bachelor continued her losing streak with the law this weekend, unleashing a drunken and unprovoked attack on a police cruiser.

Mary Delgado - who was arrested late last year for allegedly punching her fiance, The Bachelor star Byron Velvick - was busted again Saturday night for public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct at a bar in Del Rio, Texas.

The cantina called the cops because Mary Delgado refused to leave the bar, saying it was her "constitutional right" to stay there as long as she wanted.

Well, with an argument like that ...

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DRUNK AND DISORDERLY: Prone to violent tirades after drinking too much, the classy Mary Delgado is poised to join our celebrity mug shots gallery for a second time.

Mary became "loud and belligerent" while being transported to jail, and kicked the radio inside the squad car. That always endears one to the authorities.

The increasingly insane Delgado was released from the Val Verde County Correctional Facility after Byron Velvick posted her bail for reasons unknown.

A word to the wise: Just be careful, Jason Mesnick. You never know what kind of psychos you're going to get engaged to when you go on The Bachelor.


A complete whack ... just can't keep her hands to herself! I know since I went to high school with her!! Byron run as fast as you can .... and don't look back!


Did she have plastic surgery because she has the most perfect features....


I went to high school with Mary and when we were in high school she was always a social climber. We stop being friends after I overheard a comment she made about me not being important enough to return a phone call I made to her over the weekend, but in my face she acted as if we were best friends. Anyway, even back then she was a bad drinker and couldn't hold her liquor. I was not surprise to hear about her arrests after being drinking.


Another psycho bitch!!!! Then again....all frickin women are nuts in one way or another!!!!


What a loser...


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