Kim Kardashian Kounters Klaim of Staged Stories

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When Jonathan Jaxson admitted earlier this week that he helped stage the Adrienne Bailon nude photo scandal, the self-serving publicist also owned up to his role in a celebrity gossip rumor from a few months ago.

Jaxson says he worked with Kim Kardashian on a photo op that depicted the reality TV star coming out of a jewelery store. The goal? To fuel rumors that she was engaged to Reggie Bush.

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Now, in a recent blog entry, Kim is fighting back against such a claim. She writes:

I have never planted stories of any kind in any way. I have always been open and honest in what I do and what I’m doing. There are dozens of engagement rumors every month... then it will soon move to marriage and then it will move to babies. I can’t control these rumors and I don’t care to try.

I have learned many lessons being in this business. You can’t always believe what you read and hear. We all make mistakes. I have certainly made mine and I’m sure I will make mistakes in the future. The important thing is to learn from them.

Kim Kardashian says she has never hired a publicist to plant stories in the media. Do you believe her?


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