Kevin Federline Does What Kevin Federline Does Best

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Say what you will about him, but from early 2007-present, Kevin Federline cemented his status as Slightly More Responsible Parent Than Britney Spears.

Too many more photos like this, though, and he may give it back.

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Hangin' out with the posse at his home away from home - Las Vegas - K-Fed made a classy facial expression and flashed a mangled "westside" gang sign.

Sean Preston and Jayden James are rolling in their graves.

An always-classy and very sober Kevin Federline gives props to the west side. Either that or he is saying "we're number three!" It's kind of hard to tell.


O Kevin, does he know anything about the meaning of fatherhood? Maybe he should check out Snoops new season of Fatherhood on E! Kevin might want to be on his couch come Nov. 30 @ 10:30 p.m. when the show airs! BTW Estelle kills just one of the many promos used for the show! Check it out on youtube!


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Family Love!
Yo, it's Kevin Federline, yo. Werrrrrd. He's a deadbeat with no redeeming worth whatsoever, but yo, Federleezy is extremely fertile,... More »
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Kevin Earl Federline