Jesse Csincsak: Crushed By DeAnna Pappas, Grateful For Fan Support, Open to Starring on The Bachelor

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In was a little over a week ago that Jesse Csincsak revealed via webcam that his world had been shattered by fiancee DeAnna Pappas.

Today, the spurned snowboarder is opening up about the breakup and discussing his dating future in a deep interview with TV Guide ...

Q: Why go on YouTube to present your side? Why not just issue a joint press release?

Jesse Csincsak: We were going to do that, but some people found out [before we wanted]. The easiest thing seemed to be to hop on the webcam and put it on YouTube. I did it because I wanted to tell the fans what happened. [DeAnna and I] have gone our separate ways. I love her and I wish her nothing but the best. I felt that that's what I portrayed on YouTube and I hope that's the way it was taken.

Q: What response are you getting?

Jesse Csincsak: Thousands of emails, 20,000 to 30,000 hits a day on my MySpace page and 5,000 emails to my MySpace page.

Q: Any ladies interested in picking up where DeAnna Pappas left off?

Jesse Csincsak: There are definitely a few ladies who have contacted me, but I'm taking things one day at a time.

Q: Did going on-camera allow you to express more how you truly felt?

Jessie Csincsak: Yeah. I figured there's no better way to tell someone how you feel than to get out there and look right into the screen and say this is what's going on. I spoke to the fans about how I was really feeling. I didn't discuss anything about what had gone on [privately]. The answer I got [from DeAnna Pappas] was that she loved me, but "wasn't in love with me." That's what she told me.

Q: We've all been there. What's keeping you busy now?

Jesse Csincsak: I'm a professional snowboarder, so I'm focusing on that and just doing my thing.

Q: What's the most fun part of snowboarding?

Jesse Csincsak: When I'm out there, I'm free. I don't have anyone telling me what to do. To be out there and be making a living snowboarding is fantastic.

Q: Can true love be found on a reality show?

Jesse Csincsak: Originally, I thought it was the dumbest idea on the planet. "Go on TV and fall in love?" The fact that I actually did fall in love proves that you can fall in love on those shows.

Q: I interviewed Deanna just before the show premiered. Contractually, she couldn't say if she was in love, but she couldn't exactly hide it either.

Jesse Csincsak: We were definitely both super happy [at one point]. We couldn't have been happier. We went from calling the producers every day [to find out] when we could be together to being together 24/7. We never get to fit into a daily schedule.

Q: Have you and DeAnna Pappas stayed in touch?

Jesse Csincsak: We're doing a little bit of text messaging here and there. Mostly, we're giving each other some much needed space. I think we will definitely be friends [someday]. I love her very much and I hope she's happy.

Q: Would you do another show, say, maybe The Bachelor?

Jesse Csincsak: If they offered it to me and I had the opportunity to fall in love again, I think I'd definitely consider it.

Q: Would you recommend to anyone else being the next Bachelor or Bachelorette?

Jesse Csincsak: Yes. You have ABC hand-picking 25 amazing people after telling [producers] what you want. Worse case scenario, you go through the show and you meet no one.


I'm glad Deanna finally got some sense and ditched Jessie. Everyone could tell that he wasn't her type, and I was schocked that she didn't pick Jason. From the first episode I thought he was adorable. And his son was so cute. From what i've seen of the new Bachelor and previews from future episodes Deanna has become a weirdo. Seriously, it seems she thinks that love is a game. She wasn't able to win Brad over, so then she had to turn the tables and be in total control. Now that Jessie didn't work out, she thinks she can just waltz in and take back Jason's heart. I think Jason is so sincere and loving, and he deserves someone better that Deanna. I'm excited to see what happens on this season of the Bachelor. But if Jason chooses Deanna he will have lost all of my respect and admiration.


I can honestly say that I was rooting for Jesse the entire show and I am very surprised to find things didn't work out! I don't understand how you go on this show looking for love, fall in love with someone and then so quickly fall out of love with them. I really think that Jesse should go on the show and be the next bachelor, he's so sweet and genuine he deserves someone who is just like that! I am rooting for him and will be very disappointed if he doesn't get the chance. Until then I'll be watching what happens with Jason and I'm not too sure I will continue watching if he picks DeAnna!!


I think the producers of the show should check out this new book I heard about on "Mike & Juliette" about finding one's "best match opposite" as this seems to address problems of when you meet someone exactly like you, why doesn't it ever last?
I also support allowing Jesse to be a "Bachelor," and pick some younger women who like the outdoor sports, the sporty type we don't often see.
I totally think it would work.


I, at first thought Jessie was a lame duck, but after watching every week I fell in love with his genuine personality, and sinsere attitude to keep it real. Deanna is a dramma queen and stuck on herself, I don't see her making any sacrifices to being a family type person as she claims to be. Jessie will for sure make a great dad some day...hurrah


I love this show. I am watched every single one Bachelor/Bachelorette. If you are dating 25 men/women - the only time you really get to know that person is either the one on one date or they get to go to the hometowns. Then you are suppose to know for sure that he/she is he love of your life and you want to get married? I mean if you have only dated 1 person for that lenth of time, then maybe! Trista and Ryan have been the rare exception and I am happy for them and glad one couple made it. This show is edited big time so you don't really get to see everything, so they can make you appear any way they want to some degree. Now I am waiting for a bachelor to be able to do what only the bachelorette has done. I think the guys get all caught up in looks and in the end - they realize that is not everything. The girls seem to be drawn to the hard to get kinda guys instead of the geniune ones (like Ryan). Oh well we will be what happens in Jan. 2008......


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