Jennifer Aniston Says Angelina Jolie is Not Cool

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Jennifer Aniston will make an hilarious guest-starring appearance on 30 Rock this week.

But the actress doesn't think a recent Angelina Jolie comment was a laughing matter.


In a recent interview, Jolie told a reporter that she fell in love with Brad Pitt during the shooting of Mr. & Mrs. Smith... while he was still married to Aniston! Ouch!

Now, in an article for the December issue of Vogue, the former Friends star is sort of firing back.

"There was stuff printed [in that Jolie interview] that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening. I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss.... That was really uncool," Anison said, referring to Angelina's admission that she fell for a married man.

Sounds like this battle between beauties is back on. All readers must choose a side:

Are you on Team Jennifer or Team Angelina?

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Well,in MY opinion,if you want smthng real bad-you go all out to get it.If you pass up on your chance,it'll be too late for you.Never mind what other people say.You are entitled to your own opinion.Angelina did nothing wrong and besides,if Jennifer really wanted Brad,she should have tried harder to keep him,shouldn't she?So,in the end,it was Jen who gave up Brad....its not Angelina's fault,guys...


Love you ANGELINA!


Stop now haters you are sick. jen has moving on so let her be. Aj and Brad hve moving on so stop talking about them together love you jen


Many of you sound like a bunch of teenagers who have no idea what it is like to be married. When you get married it's not the same as don't get to go from person to person. You made a commitment and should stick to it. If you end up feeling you can't stay married, then you should get a divorce before you start "falling in love" *rolls eyes* or moving on to the next person. If you can't make a commitment like that then don't get married and just go from person to person and sleep around and become a skank(applies to guys or gals). Angelina Jolie is completely selfish and it was truly insensitive of her to say that in an interview that everyone would read. I think Jennifer Aniston is a class act and Angelina Jolie has no class at all. Kimberly
aka Kdvb


Angelina and brad are living adultery. The bible plainly says that a man cannot leave his wife and marry another women, the only way he can leave is if his wife was unfaithful. Read the bible in the concordance under divorce and marriage. Brad and Angelina must repent so that they can be forgiven. This is not God's will and if they marry the marriage will not be vailid by God. Jesus Christ is soon to come all those that committ wickeness and braking God's commanment will be judged.


I think Jennifer did the right thing by saying Angie was Uncool, because it was uncool to say that, I couldn't wait to go to work, or my kids could watch the movie to the whole world. She could have kept it to herself, and her kids could have watched the movie..because Brad and Anige both new that they fell in love in the sets..who else wants to knoww..unless Angie wants Jen to know... I think Angie is very insecure and keeps talking about Brad in her interviews...this is the first time Jen said something that also in response to earlier I am all for Jen on this one.


that's interesting u say that. aniston wasn't singing that tune when he left her. now she claims shes happy for him, but I bet shes rolling around in jelousey. she's not the victim!


Aniston reacts to the words/actions of her ex's with admirable composure... she has better self control than i would have been inclined to credit give her credit for


im sure aniston can't stand the fact that shes forty a barely there career a bf that's useless. and knowing that her ex left her for a true movie star with talent and charisma must be hard for the old lady. get over it aniston buy yourself some cats!



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