Face-Off: Were Adrienne Bailon Nude Photos Leaked On Purpose?

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The Adrienne Bailon nude photo scandal sure generated a lot of buzz - so much, in fact, that one wonders if it was all intentional. In today's Face-Off, our writers debate ...


Very Busty

YES by Free Britney

Sunday morning: How many people were thinking about Adrienne Bailon? Maybe a few dozen 'tweens who really love the Disney Channel. Tops.

Monday afternoon: How many people were thinking about Adrienne Bailon nude? Hundreds of thousands of drooling celebrity gossip readers.

Coincidence? No way. This Cheetah Girl was well-versed in the nude photo game long before she showed her spots (and ample, bare a$$) to the world.

Consider that her boyfriend is none other than Rob Kardashian, brother of Kim, and that her employer is Disney, corporate pimp of one Vanessa Hudgens.

It was Vanessa Hudgens' nude photo scandal who paved the way for Bailon's. After her nude pics (supposedly intended for Drake Bell, on a side note, not Zac Efron) appeared online, many called for the High School Muscial star's firing.

Hudgens survived. And became a much bigger star because of it.

It appears Adrienne Bailon followed this formula to the letter, manufacturing some story about "laptop theft" and "personal" pictures meant "to surprise her boyfriend on their anniversary." This paints her as a victim, but still kind of sweet. Diabolical.

The photos themselves - she's still wearing her bra, and not showing any frontal nudity, only that fine booty - are just vanilla enough to ensure she keeps her job, but plenty titillating enough to earn a few million new fans online. Pure genius.

NO by Hilton Hater

Just how stupid do you think Adrienne Bailon is?

Granted, in this celebrity gossip-based, technological age, all leaked naked photos should be considered a publicity stunt. But Bailon is close friends with Kim Kardashian; she was rumored to replace Vanessa Hudgens in the High School Musical franchise after that Disney star was embroiled in a nude picture scandal.

With such tight-knit, racy connections, do you really think Adrienne would be so transparent as to purposely release her own lewd photos?

The public would be on to her in a heartbeat. This is a nation that just voted Barack Obama into the White House. It's not nearly as ignorant as critics often believe.

Moreover, Adrienne Bailon is a self-made star. She doesn't need naked pictures to make it big. Let's not forget how this singer was discovered:

She was singing with her church - her church, readers! - choir in Madison Square Garden when Ricky Martin asked that the four best singers be selected to sing back up at his concert that night. Bailon was chosen for this honor.

That's right, Bailon relied on her vocal chords to make a name for herself. Only a true cynic would think she'd need to abandon those in favor of a bare backside in order to take the next step.


I so don't get why so many Disney stars are doing this! Firstly there was Vanessa Hudgens, then Miley Cyrus and now her. What is this all about?! It's Disney for God's sake, Disney! She had two films that were only small Disney Channel original ones, they weren't that big or anything but I don't see why she had to resort to this. Her career hasn't even begun yet, she is a very talented actress and singer. And by the way, why is there a cover bar thing there?


people just need to stop takin naked pics of themselves as gifts for their significant others. just show up naked. sheesh.


i agree with the above post...if they were for her man, why the bra? and this whole "theft" story seems as fishy as kim k. kim k probably took the pix for her. paris taught kim and now kim taught adrienne. end of story.


But it has to be noted that until this scandal occured I had never heard of her. No one had and America being the dirt devil nation that it is. Let's face it - the girl, her mom/dadager knew exactly what they were saying.

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