Cozy Couple Alert: David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell!

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American Idol announced its season eight premiere date this week - circle your calendar for January 13, fans! - but the focus is still largely on the show's most recent winner, David Cook.

He releases his debut album on November 18 and has been spotted out with girlfriend Kimberly Caldwell. Life ain't shabby for the crooner.


Regarding fame since his American Idol victory, Cook recently told Entertainment Weekly:

"I still feel like that awkward musician; I think I always will. That's a huge component of me staying kind of humbled and grounded about the whole thing: I get the flimsiness of it. I get that it could all go away...I've got guys that I'm playing with that I love to death, and I'm playing music that I think we all really get into, and as long as we've got that and a place to play, I'm good."

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Hahahaha............They alreade broke up...Maybe,a good effect for David's career..Nice one...David Cook rocks..


God,sake DAVID COOK from Kimberly Caldwell.belive me,she is an evil person...please,belive me...For DAVID COOK,if you read this comment,please,belive me... I dont want you get hurt...please...belive me...


While Archuletta is certainly the more ambitious of the two (or at least his father is), I respect Cook for his ability to remain grounded after winning the competition. Both performers should go a long way.


She has cute hair. I ♥ it.