Ceren Alkac & Jason Lee: Married!

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Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac have tied the knot.

The My Name is Earl star tells Sydney's Sun Herald that he secretly wed Ceren Alkac, the mother of his second child, a couple of months ago.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

"My wife is Australian. And she is my wife now 'cause we just got married, and you can report that!" he says.

His rep also said: "I can confirm that Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac married in July '08."

The couple welcomed a baby girl in August. They have yet to reveal a name.

Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac: Happily (and until today, secretly) married!

Jason Lee was previously engaged to Beth Riesgraf. They have a son, Pilot Inspektor, 5. Pilot Inspektor just got some competition for the title of stupidest celebrity baby name with the birth of Bronx Mowgli Wentz last week.

Lee was also married to photographer Carmen Llywelyn from 1995-2001.

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i went to school with this girl yes she is turkish but was born in australia making her both


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that is good for him he is my favorite actor and skater so he deserves his happy life!!! and bradly me and my girl did tht too!!!


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