Carrie Underwood Leads Team of CMA Fashion All-Stars

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Talk about an impressive evening.

Carrie Underwood co-hosted, performed live, won big and looked stunning at the Country Music Awards last night. Here she is with co-host Brad Paisley ...

This is just one of her many beautiful dresses, however. Click to enlarge some bonus photos of the fashionable Carrie Underwood - along with other celebrity gossip favorites like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and more - from the 2008 CMAs ...


Carrie looked amazing the entire night. I particularly loved the black dress she performed in. And another favorite was the long, pink Grecian gown. Actually, she looked stunning in all the outfits. And her performance was perfect.


Are you kidding me? Underwood looked stunning? Noooooooo! She looked like she was wearing clothes that were the spawn of a meeting between old Stevie Nicks, a Laugh-In extra, and a Roman senator consort. And what was the deal with that black dress for "Just A Dream", where they shamelessly pimped out an airman's widow? Awful!


great dresses all night...the pink one is amazing!

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