Caroline Pal: Gold Medal Girlfriend!

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Michael Phelps won eight gold medals this summer at the Beijing Olympics.

But new girlfriend Caroline Pal might be the most impressive accomplishment of this swimmer's career.

Pal, who is also known as "Caz," works as a waitress at the Palms Casino Resort’s Moon Nightclub. She and Phelps have been dating for approximately two months.

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Michael Phelps, Caroline Pal
Caroline Pal is the girlfriend of Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps. They began dating soon after Phelps won a record eight gold... More »
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Caroline Pal

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I was holding my arms across myself (breasts), and they put a big bar across my arms to make it appear I was full frontally topless.

Caroline Pal [on leaked, semi-nude photo]

My parents are very conservative. I was testing their limits by being crop-top, miniskirt-wearing waitress.

Caroline Pal