Caroline Pal: Michael Phelps' Girlfriend!

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Michael Phelps is virtually impossible to catch up with in water.

But Las Vegas cocktail waitress Caroline "Caz" Pal has done the trick on land, reportedly nabbing the Olympic champion as her boyfriend.

Following rumored romances with Nicole Johnson, Carrie Underwood and Stephanie Rice, the world record swimmer has taken Pal home to meet his family for Thanksgiving, People Magazine reports.

"She's there [in Maryland] meeting his family for the first time," a source says.

The couple has been together for about two months.

Caroline Pal and Michael Phelps have a relationship that's going along swimmingly! (Sorry.)

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Well until i see proof of "Krysten", I will continue to believe that Caz is still his gal.


I heard Phelps is dating some blonde girl in Baltimore now named Krysten. She's a model or something.


She's a bitch.


wow, michael. i thought baltimore was proud of youu! haha us baltimore girls totally are surprised to see you with the likes of that! Serioisly she just uses you for your money like any other person who has a living like that! think about about and then decide if you are going to go to vegas every other week. mhmmm. wow, get a nice girl who actually cares. now i know why my friends that went to school with you said you were a jerk. now i understand. seriously so something good for yourself, and dont be dating her anymore. oh yeah i think that is just "wonderful" what you did after the Olympics. haha, whatever your girlfriend isnt even worth fighting for anymore.


It makes sick that is created michael to choose to first that it is, as if was very pretty for him, in addition is took one of a bar of fertile valleys soon is one servicial lady by I create queni is young lady after those photos.


Gosh, MP looks like a caveman in this picture.


my gudness michael phelps wake up caroline pal is a mongoloid, alien she is very million times (1,000,000.00) ugly yuck she is nothing flirt yuck


woww nooo this cant be!
i think Caz is just a quick thing, itll end soon(i hope)
besides, shes ugly.


that is probably the worst picture you could have found

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