Britney Spears Borrows Own Body From 2002, Plus Jessica Simpson's Hair and Heidi Montag's Nose

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Truthfully, there is no other way to explain the promotional photo below, released to hype up Britney Spears' forthcoming album, Circus.

Without question, Britney Spears looks totally hot in the picture - in fact, she looks about as great as we have seen her in like six years.

Which is probably when Jive first took this photo, only to dig it out of the archives this week and airbrush it up real good. After cutting and pasting Jessica Simpson's weave and Heidi Montag's makeup and surgically-altered nose for good measure.

Seriously, props to the graphic designer for their awesome work here. At least the Britney Spears nude shots in the "Womanizer" video looked real.

WOW, WHO'S THAT GIRL? No, really, we're asking. Do you know?


love you britney..
but you will look prettier without using photoshop.
or maybe not???
I've never seen you..-.-


Britney Spears is so UNsexy! She never was pretty or sexy.


Waaaay too Photoshopped. I love Britney, but this photo is just ugh. And where's her other arm?


People really think this is attractive? Without the fakeness you would have a beautiful woman, with it you have a fake creature.


who IS this? i like the Kira PLastinina dress but the "girl" is unfamiliar ...


Britney has always looked beautiful.
No surprise.


It looks like a cartoon maybe that is what they where going for.....duh


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