Anthony Badalamenti Truly is The Biggest Loser

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When Anthony Badalamenti was named a trainer on the fourth season of The Biggest Loser, viewers had no idea how prescient the show's title was at the time when it came to this weight lifter.

Badalamenti, a bodybuilder from Merrick, New York is sitting in jail tonight, following an arraignment in First District Court in Hempstead.

The meat head was arrested on charges of second-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and endangering the welfare of a child. He's accused of beating the six-year old son of his live-in girlfriend, Jessica Muniz (who faces the same charges).

According to police, the child was beaten with weightlifting belts on Friday night; he allegedly suffered multiple lacerations and bruises on his right hand, right leg and buttocks. The boy was treated for his injuries and released to a relative.


OH man I met him when I was In Nassau Jail we were locked in 72 hr lock down, I don't believe he would abuse a child...... He seemed like a good person, then again you never know, I only knew him a 3 days.


Get over it, the kid got spanked with a belt, there's kids getting way worse then that in this world and no ones helping them...


Abusers wear many faces - who would have thought? I was glad to hear that the mother is getting jail time also. I cringe thinking about her helpless son fighting off these animals. I pray the little guy finds a loving home where he can learn how important and special he is.


Yesterday, Badalamenti was found guilty following a two week jury trial. He is now back in jail, awaiting sentencing in early August.


Yeah well I happen to know the 6 year old.. That's the true shame. Not poor Anthony.


I went to school with Anthony...he was a great kid!!! Such a shame...


Laws need to be stiffer for people like this. Thank god the landlord stepped up. Agreed, he needs to feel what it's like. Guaranteed, he'll get a few months in prison and let off for being a good boy. After all, it's men that make the laws protecting the pig men that do this in the first place.
He needs life in prison minimally.


The children of this world suffer terrible abuse , physically, sexualy, mentally and emotionally. Keep him in jail! When he gets out, do to him what he did to this child and ask him, if you were six years old, would this hurt? They leave scars on these kids no one can see, but stay with the children for life. God help the children!

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