Adrienne Bailon Nude Photos: Meant For Rob Kardashian, Stolen By Random Loser

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Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls is a victim of an extortion plot.

One involving naked pics of herself that she took for Rob Kardashian.

Very Busty

According to TMZ, several practically nude photos of the girl group singer have been stolen from Adrienne's personal laptop, and the scumbag who bogarted them is in the process of trying to shop them around to the highest bidder.

It all started when Adrienne Bailon was at JFK airport in late October, and noticed her laptop computer was missing from her bell cart.

Later that day, her record label received an anonymous phone call from a man saying he had the laptop and would return it for $1,000.

A meeting was set up at JFK with the anonymous man, where he was given the modest cash sum and in turn surrendered Bailon's missing laptop ... except that one thing was missing - several semi-nude photos of Adrienne Bailon.

She took them as an anniversary present for boyfriend Robert Kardashian. Yes, of the krazy Kardashians. Maybe she was inspired by the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Either way, the lesson is don't leave your stuff unattended at the airport, kids. Someone might just steal your private, naked pics and blackmail you over them.

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I think it's hott. I mean, I wouldnt personally do something that dumb, but hey, it happens! And besides, she a grown woman, she can do what ever the hell she wants. :)


i know wut it up with these stars they jus NASTY!!!!!


O please she can show her ass if she wants.


I'm so over this family and their Ooop's Scandals. Non talent having, 15 minutes of fame using .. and now this? Lil bros girlfriend is just like the sisters and mom.. Can't Reggie marry Ray J's booty ex already so that the light can finally dim and the curtains finally close on this Pornographic Circus Show!! This is OLD now!


What's up with these disney actresses?
First Hudgens, then Cyrus, & now Bailon.
Not to mention Spears once being a member of the "Mickey Mouse Club".
Disney really needs to clean up its act.


well at least she's marrying into the right family..they LIVE for a good scandal...poor rob k, he's surrounded by women who cant keep their privates private...he'll tell his kids one day "mommy has nude photos and auntie kim is a p0rnstar"


What is rob doing? She's ugly. He should go back to Playboy Playmates.


It's like Vanessa Hudgens all over again. Only she hasn't got a hunky Zac Efron to support her through it all. But she'll be forgiven. If she's as lucky as Vanessa was