Adrienne Bailon Nude Photo: Revealed!

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We've uncovered the Adrienne Bailon nude photo causing a new round of headaches at Disney.

The young star made the fame-inducing fatal mistake of leaving her laptop unattended at an airport recently, resulting in naked pics of the Cheetah Girls star getting ganked and sold to the highest bidder. The original images were supposedly meant for boyfriend Rob Kardashian's eyes only. Sure.

Adrienne Bailon Fashion

This incident is hilarious for two reasons:

  • Bailon was rumored to star in High School Musical 3 after a certain Vanessa Hudgens nude picture scandal made it unclear whether that actress would be welcomed back into Disney's arms;
  • Rob is the brother of Kim Kardashian, who owes her fame to a leaked sex tape.

Follow this article's jump to check out Adrienne Bailon backing that ass up for Rob, and anyone with an Internet connection, to drool over...

Bailon's spokesman, Jonathan Jaxson, has released the following statement:

"The photos that have surfaced of Adrienne Bailon were stolen from her laptop over a week ago at an airport in NY and sent to several media outlets. These photos were taken in private. Adrienne will be pursuing legal action against the person or person's sending these private photos out.

Adrienne is deeply sorry for any pain this may have caused to her fans."

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Wow, id tap it


Who's next in Disney? My bet is on Miley Cyrus or that latina girl on that wizard show


Give me a break. I pitty the poor girl that has to see herself exposed like this on the internet, but other than that I have to ask. What the h*** is the big deal. Who, with access to the internet today hasn't seen a naked female before? The pictures are harmless. Disney! Ignore the story and just move on. Besides the girl herself, noone's been hurt by this.


People need to stop hatin on her..




She's deeply sorry?? I'M NOT!! I'm bopping the bishop over dat booty right now.


Vanessa Hudgens' pic was "only meant" for Zac...but they conveniently leaked and now she is annoyingly famous.How creative of Adrienne to use the exact same M.O.


Hollywood's motto... "bad publicity is better than no publicity".Disney is a factory for whores.


now that's what i call wishin upon a star!!


disney sure knows how to pic them!