A Twins Tussle: Karissa and Kristina Shannon vs. Rikki and Vikki Ikki

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Sorry, Karissa and Kristina Shannon. You've haven't even had time to release a sex tape with Hugh Hefner, and your sexy superiority is being challenged by a new set of twins.

Indeed, Rikki and Vikki Ikki have been chosen by MTV to star in a spin-off of the timeless Tila Tequila reality show sensation, A Shot at Love. The latest installment of the dating competition will appropriately be titled A Double Shot at Love.

The Ikki Twins

In the show, both genders will compete for the affection of Rikki and Vikki Ikki, sisters that were destined to appear naked in Playboy as soon as their parents dubbed them with such a moniker.

However, despite their usual penchant for this position, Karissa and Kristina won't lie down for Rikki and Vikki. A naked gauntlet has been thrown down, one that only our readers can answer:

Which set of twins is hotter? Follow this article's jump to see both pairs of sisters in the buff, and then vote in our all-important poll...

Karissa and Kristina Shannon Nude
Rikki and Vikki Ikki Naked

Who is more attractive: Karissa and Kristina Shannon or Rikki and Vikki Ikki?


The ikki twins have much more beauty then the shannon twins...I think the shannon twins are just flat out ugly...they just loook I don't know I know they need to do something with their nose its soooooo ewwwww but hey a ewwwww nose on a blaaahhhh girl/girls I guess it goes together...NAST NASTY NASTY shannon twins


hahaha the paradise... riikki and vikky oh yeah


I think theyre all four smokin hot and they should all do a spread in playboy together that would solve their problems.


rikki and vikki look hot


Who wouldn't want a piece of the ikki twins? They are HOTT


The Ikki twins look like they have a lot more personality than Karissa and Kristana. I mean their all attractive, but the Ikki twins show emotion.


you should have an option for "I can't tell them apart"


They should call it "A Shot at getting herpes from wannabe Porn Stars"

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