A Double Shot of Rikki and Vikki Ikki

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MTV is advertising its upcoming reality show as possessing "twice the fun, twice the jealousy and twice the drama."

That's because A Double Shot at Love stars Rikki and Vikki Ikki, who take over the lead role in this dating series from Tila Tequila (who has simply had her heart broken one too many times to put it through the reality show ringer again).

Here's the first official preview for A Double Shot at Love, as The Ikki Twins let potential suitors know what they're searching for...

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both of you are crazy, you kicked out a dude named josh cause he kissed a girl, now i just want these girls to understand that i man goes as far as a girls wants the man to go, so if he kissed her and she didnt said anything then they are bboth liars and you were supposed to kicked them both, what im saying is if you girls are bisexual then why you kept her in the house, BULLSHIT,*** thnks


OMG!!! I love this show i cant wait to see who they pick me and my friend Lauren drew the logo and we drew Rikki and Vikki!!!


Hey whatz up I think if I was on a doubleshot at love with the ikki twins I would put my heart into you guys showing you two all my love I would sweep ya'll off ya'lls feet


You guys look hot


They are too obsessed with their looks to care about someone else. Twice the fun, twice the money, twice the publicity.