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Michael Phelps won eight gold medals this summer at the Beijing Olympics.

But new girlfriend Caroline Pal might be the most impressive accomplishment of this swimmer's career.

Pal, who is also known as "Caz," works as a waitress at the Palms Casino Resort’s Moon Nightclub. She and Phelps have been dating for approximately two months.

Click on the following images of Caroline Pal for larger, higher resolution pics of Michael Phelps' leading lady...

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Is there anything better than the Jonas Brothers singing live?

How about a book about the Jonas Brothers singing live? One entitled Burning Up, and cradled gently by America's favorite smoldering trio?

It can now be yours. Contain yourselves. Virginal rock gods Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas signed copies of their tour book in New York Friday ...

Who's the hottest Jonas Brother?


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Slipping into "hotpants" for a German awards show – her first live effort since her infamous 2007 VMAs debacle - Britney Spears performed her hot new single "Womanizer" at the 2008 Bambi Awards in Germany on Thanksgiving Day.

Britney Spears Live in Germany

Looking remarkably like her onetime BFF Madonna (who was spending the holiday with you-know-who), the 26-year-old Brit rocked "Womanizer" in front of a packed house of adoring German fans. She won raves from many onlookers.

With "Womanizer" already dominating the airwaves, Britney's new album Circus is set to drop Tuesday, December 2. Find a hat, and hold the f*%k onto it.

Follow the jump for a video of Britney's live, German performance ...

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How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

Millions of people turned out to watch the annual New York City parade, sponsored by Macy's.

But if you're two of the most revered teenage icons in the world, you spend the holiday actually participating in the event itself.

Here's a look at Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta, standing alongside two of the route's most popular floats:

With whom would you prefer to spend Thanksgiving?


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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Friday tradition, now in its 58th week. Who won this week's Caption Contest?

There were some good candidates, but we're giving it to l.l. Congrats! The winning entry now appears below. Thanks for playing and good luck this week!

    Yes! The judge gave my wife full custody of my kids!

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    Lynne Spears has plenty to be thankful for.

    In the year, she watched her famous daughter, Britney Spears, go bonkers but crawl back from the brink, and her less-famous daughter, Jamie Lynn Spears, scandalously get knocked up at age 16, only to get engaged and welcome a happy baby.

    Britney Spears Caged in Concert

    How did 27-year-old Britney rebound from a pair of forced hospitalizations and a string of erratic behavior, such as a quickly annulled Vegas wedding in 2004, an infamous head-shaving in 2007, and myriad bizarre dalliances with men?

    "With a lot of love and care and help," Lynne Spears said Thursday evening, speaking to the U.K.'s GMTV via satellite from New Orleans, Louisiana.

    "Sometimes you have to settle down. You have to stop, think. There's a lot of people that care about Britney and love Britney – and she's doing great now."

    While the singer still hasn't regained custody of her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, Lynne had only praise for her daughter's parenting skills.

    "Oh she's a wonderful mother – she's funny, she's extremely affectionate," said the Spears matriarch, who's promoting her memoir, Through the Storm.

    "[At] home, where there's nobody around, she's very normal."

    Fresh off the success of her first single, "Womanizer," Britney is now in Europe promoting her new album, Circus. She's scheduled to go on tour next year.

    "I think Britney's just ready to get started again," said her mom. "I think this is when she's most in her element."

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    Michael Phelps is virtually impossible to catch up with in water.

    But Las Vegas cocktail waitress Caroline "Caz" Pal has done the trick on land, reportedly nabbing the Olympic champion as her boyfriend.

    Following rumored romances with Nicole Johnson, Carrie Underwood and Stephanie Rice, the world record swimmer has taken Pal home to meet his family for Thanksgiving, People Magazine reports.

    "She's there [in Maryland] meeting his family for the first time," a source says.

    The couple has been together for about two months.

    Caroline Pal and Michael Phelps have a relationship that's going along swimmingly! (Sorry.)

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    What would this traditional American holiday be without family, food, football and reflection upon the things we appreciate the most in life - in our case, some of the biggest turkeys we've had the privilege of covering this year.

    With that said, we present our Top 10 Turkeys of 2008 ...

    10. John Mayer. A douchebag 364 days a year. Honorary poultry today.

    9. Britney Spears. Last year's top turkey falls to #9 by virtue of calming the hell down from February on. The first month of 2008 alone, though? Wow.

    8. Miley Cyrus. Anyone who goes topless for Vanity Fair at age 15 and/or celebrates their birthday four months in advance automatically makes the list.

    7. Courtenay Semel. She's far from the first E-list celebrity go to great lengths for publicity. Pretending to be a lesbian sets the bar pretty low, though.

    6. Adrienne Bailon. Being dumb enough to take nude pics and let them get stolen is one thing. Staging the entire stunt with your loser publicist? Pathetic.

    A collection of some of the year's biggest turkeys.

    5. Ashlee Simpson. The zenith of uselessness to begin with, Jessica's l'il sis went and named her kid Bronx Mowgli. Just a "fowl" move all around.

    4. (Tie) Sarah Palin, for this heartwarming Thanksgiving video, and her #1 fan Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 'cause no turkey gets ruffles feathers quite like her.

    3. Alex Rodriguez. Months without a clutch hit. Railing strippers. Divorcing Cynthia Rodriguez. Referring to Madonna his "f*%king soulmate, dude." Gobble, gobble.

    2. Eliot Spitzer. The Governor of New York State apparently thought it was worth his job and marriage to give call girl Ashley Dupre a good "stuffing." Har har.

    1. Spencer Pratt. The villain you love to hate from The Hills capped off a hilarious year by eloping with Heidi Montag. Say what you will about him, Spencer plays the celebrity gossip game to perfection, 24/7/365. And we love him for it.

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    Forget Hayden and Kim. This one's for the ladies.

    When rising music superstar Chris Brown and reality TV mainstay / ladies man Brody Jenner square off, we're talking about a serious battle of young hunks.

    Who would you rather... you know? Tell us below ...

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    • Brody Jenner Topless

    Chris or Brody: Who would you rather ...


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