Zanessa Looks Miserable

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In there trouble in Drop Dead Gorgeous Land?

We hope Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are together forever - can you imagine how cute their babies would be?!? - but recent appearances by the couple known as "Zanessa" have looked more depressing than the faces on Wall Street.

The pair were spotted at the airport last week, and Vanessa looks almost annoyed at having to latch on to Zac's arm, doesn't she?

Sad Zanessa

It must be stressful to be followed around by photographers 24/7. Perhaps these two just need another vacation together. They looked a lot happier when Hudgens was straddling Efron.

So did we, for that matter.


hope u guys r just tired


vanessa..eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww...zac is even more annoyed to vanessa coz she's holding zac's arm..beside zashley is even more awesome than zanessa..


for frickin hell sake i would look like that if i was followed by the papz and i look like that when i het off a plane i mean they expect them to be perfect but no one's perfect not even zac frickin chill!!


i actully rememberd my homework today i thought you people would be proud of me


They are probably just tired. They have just been on a plane and they get back to a bunch of people trying to take their picture when they just want to go home! Do they have to be smiley all the freaking time?! And anyway who is happy when they get BACK from vacation?


they look tired and awful each other! smile zanessa the paparazzi is taking a best pictures...

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