Tiffany Shepis Agrees to Become Mrs. Corey Haim

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Tiffany Shepis has agreed to marry Corey Haim.

The often-mocked actor met the surprisingly beautiful actress on the set of the 1996 film Fever Lake. We're guessing Shepis spent the last 12 years trying to do better, but finally settled on this half of The Two Coreys.

Fans of C-list horror movies might recognize Shepis from classics such as Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula, Dorm Of The Dead and Delta Delta Die.

Tiffany Shepis will marry Corey Haim in May of 2009. That gives her six months to come to her senses.


I am ssoo glad that they have both settled down I wonder how it will go though?x


i think thats great whatever makes them happy in life best wishes to u both


Well, I guess he does like trashy girls after all....whatever helps him sleep at night. They are both dumb, maybe they'll compliment each other. ;)


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Tiffany Shepis has agreed to marry Coery Haim. The reasons why are unclear. This little known actress met Corey on the set of the 1996... More »
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