The Shannon Twins are Having Sex with Hugh Hefner

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Say hello to Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

These twin sisters are reportedly the replacements for Holly Madison, who has officially broken up with Hugh Hefner.

According to Scandalist, the Shannon twins have already moved into the Playboy Mansion. Karissa and Kristina, 19, have been spotted partying with Hefner and company in Hollywood over the last few weeks.

On their shared MySpace page, Kristina wrote:, “Hollywood, here we come!”

These days, it's more like "Hef, Hef, oh Hef, here we come!"

The Shannon Twins, Playboy

The Shannon Twins posed naked in the April 2008 issue of Playboy, above.

But that wasn't the only time these 19-year olds have shared a nude stage. Click on the following thumbnails for more shots of Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends:

Karissa and Kristina Shannon
The Shannon Twins Picture
The Shannon Twins Nude

I know for a fact that all their family is not BAD or TRASH because my sister is their step grandma and has been for menny years.


Trailer trash whores!! I know these girls. Maybe hollywood is perfect for them, drugs and prostitution!!!


whattt the fu... ok that girl r hot but i see the program and i think that they rn't holly and never can be liek her!!!!! i hate they!!!!!! please don't move unto the mansion they will be grong by the show.
i saw it and i love the actual bunny HOLLY, kendra an briget




hey i knew these girls and they are not sweet at all at the age 13 they where alrealy stealing drinking(lotsnot normalteen stuff)drugs and lots of sex so dont give me that crap BREA . these girls are TRASH so is there a mother that had to deal with there crap in the trailer park they lived in...


Karissa and Kristina are good girls who had a hard life. They are a lot of fun and very pretty. The girl they beat up (Erica)deserved it. I can name atleast 5 girls who wanted to kick Erica's ass, besides Erica started the fight with them. Anyway give them a chance they are really cool chicks.


I'm sad about the broke up, Heff and Holly.... but i still prefer Holly than this two girls... i think that The Girls Nex Door are so much beauty... is my imagination or not but this twins are like a mixture of kendra and holly... !!!.. jajaja..
wherever... we'll have to wait to see what happen!!

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