Spotted: Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler

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Old flames and friends getting together to talk about old times? A cheesy plot line on a future episode of MTV's The Hills? A little of both? Who knows!

Whatever the reason, Lauren Conrad reunited with her ex, Jason Wahler, for dinner last night. Here's a photo of the former Laguna Beach tandem ...

Lauren's Legs

While any photo of Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler may make some Hills fans ill, they do go back a long time, and he's engaged to someone else now, so it's cool.

While Lauren continues her reign as queen of The Hills, Jason has not been arrested in like a year! Hey, you gotta highlight the positives where you can.

He and fiancee Katja Decker-Sadowski also are planning a wedding.


hmmm... if they arent back together and he is still engaged... why were they making out last night at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood????


I don't know what to think about Jason, but I love love love the shirt! It's by Company 81 and I got one for my boyfriend the other day for around 40 dollars.


Here's hoping Jason and Lauren will find a way back to each other. Everyone who watches the show knows with Jason and Lauren it was true love. Katja or whatever her name is-is just a rehab rebound. The show would be so much more interesting if it got back to basics-focusing on what started the show. Jason and Lauren


Elle read why he got arrested! A drunked man's truth is a sobber man's lie. Something to think about...


How is Jason a racist Maz? We don't get all the news in Blighty.


Ok so i know Jason was a complete ass for what he did to lauren, but i cant help but hope they get back together, Lauren really loved Jason and it was clear it was reciprocated by the way he looked at her, they are chalk and cheese but opposites attract and they were so cute...


i think they are still friend,,what ever happen in the past, that all past for them.totally it is not the fault of lauren and jason coz they are both victim of spencer...we know jason already is engaged to someone. i think she only do that because of the hills...its nothing wrong if they become friends together...


How can she still associate herself with a racist? Shame on you Lauren!


nice to see you again jason wahler! we know this is only for the show.look, i think you need to work out coz youre so pigy pigy!!!

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