Shenae Grimes Makes Friends with Salad

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Who says Shenae Grimes has an eating disorder?!? (Editor's note: everyone, pretty much.)

The 90210 star attempts to prove that she does, indeed, love food by scarfing down a meal at a Los Angeles restaurant last week. Just one problem:

Crossed Star

The meal in question is comprised of nothing but iceberg lettuce and croutons. It's a salad, alright.

Come on, Shenae, you gotta try harder than this.

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There's also something that looks remarkably like yogurt and fruit next to her, but why mention that, right? You'd rather bash a young girl who already has a lot of pressure on her. Good for you.


Who really cares? All I see is negative stuff posted about Shenae. I have seen much skinnier stars who get idolized. Get a life. She's just a kid. Don't you have someone a little older to pick on? For God's sake. I swear you people who post this kind of mindless garbage about stars are nothing but losers yourselves.


Look at her take that thing. Mmm. Hope the janitor who cleaned up the bathroom afterwards gets paid overtime.