Sarah Palin: Celebrity Fashion All-Star!

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Politically, you either like Sarah Palin or you're terrified for the future of the United States of America and considering moving to Canada not that big a fan.

But the Alaska Governor sure is rocking the fashion world.

Rihanna in Vogue

Since joining the Republican ticket at the end of August, the V.P. contender has been seen sporting in a bevy of trendy suits, chic heels and jackets, et cetera.

Check out some of these Sarah Palin fashion highlights!

Interestingly, for the self-proclaimed "Joe Six Pack" candidate, Sarah's wardrobe from September 2008 has cost in the neighborhood of $150,000 - $25,000 more than her salary as governor (which is still higher than almost everybody else's).

No, really. The bills at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York ($49,425.74) and the Minneapolis Neiman Marcus store ($75,062.63) weren't small. Trig Palin even rolls in a $295 stroller now. Good to see those RNC campaign funds put to good use!

No word on whether Levi Johnston scored some new hockey gear.


I regret voting Obama now. Should have voted the attractive Republican.


Has anyone itemized Obama and Biden's wardrobe expenses? I can PROMISE YOU that they ARE NOT rolling around in self-funded suits from Men's Wearhouse! This coverage of Palin is totally SEXIST and BIASED! Sarah Palin has fantastic personal style and here is a great article that talks all about it: http://www.bettyconfidential.c... So, why don't you start talking about what a great ROLE MODEL and ICON Palin is and stop bashing her for "sins" she has never even committed. BOTH the Republicans AND the Democrats have bought wardrobes for the candidates - there is NOTHING wrong with this. I haven't even decided who I am voting for but this type of media coverage is not helping Obama.


Why is Bristol (unlike the rest of the Palin family) being hidden every since the announcement that she was pregnant?
Her grandparents (the Heaths) are doing interviews and even Levi and his mother have done interviews, photos,etc and been sighted by the press. Bristol Palin should supposively be 7+ months pregnant, yet somehow she is invisible while her sisters and Trig are paraded around as campaign props. Her daughters have missed the entire school year thus far while they campaign around with Sarah. Who's helping Bristol deal with teen pregnancy, dropping out of school etc. What kind of parent(s) would make these choices while hiding her other child????


Im not to comfortable with being considered Joe Sixpack

Avatar god, sarah palin you wanna be a super model or vice president of United State......
but you are really good looking to be a model
you look so fashionable....


And you think Obama doesn't spend thousands on his suits too?
Give me a break.


She looks very corporate after $150000 ...

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