Report: Elizabeth Edwards Kicks Out John Edwards

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In a move wives everywhere will surely laud, Elizabeth Edwards has supposedly kicked her cheating husband, former Senator John Edwards, to the curb.

Elizabeth stood by him even after news of his affair (and alleged love child) with weird filmmaker mistress Rielle Hunter shocked the world this summer.

The cancer-stricken health care advocate and mother of two recently showed up for a presentation at George Washington University - without her husband or her wedding ring in sight. Could her husband of 29 years be history?

Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards

HAPPIER TIMES: Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards share a lighter moment in pre-Rielle Hunter times. Or at least pre-she-knew-about-Rielle Hunter times.

A source tells the New York Post that John Edwards is no longer living with Elizabeth and that the couple has separated. Reps for Elizabeth had no comment.

News of Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter first broke late last year, but he denied it. Things blew over until he was caught visiting Hunter and her baby - the paternity of which remains highly questionable - in a Beverly Hills hotel.

His political career is toast regardless, but if it turns out he did knock up Rielle, that might just top Bristol Palin as the top political pregnancy story of '08.


Its about time she does! It amazes me what "pigs" wallow in the democratic party. Take clinton for example! Im quite sure its a case of being "the democratic thing to do." How many campaign volunteers or interns can we "do"?


Leave Elizabeth Edwards alone. She's got enough to deal with.


It is difficult enough to deal with the myriad of challenges a cancer diagnosis brings to one's life - the treatment, the dibilitating response to treatment, the seemingly endless tests and waiting to determine prognosis - but to do so as a vested spouse in her husband's political aspirations while simultaneously giving loving support to your children only to find at the end of the day that your husband gave the sexual affection to which you were entitled to another woman must be very devastating. Elizabeth Edwards finally realized that the quality of her life must be safe guarded for the sake of her children. There can be no quality of life living with a narcissist who betrays the fundamental basis for an ethical relationship - honesty and loyalty. I hope that she can now continue to nurture their children in peace without the emotional entanglement of a man who clearly did not respect her, his children, even himself...

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