Raffaello Follieri Requests Shorter Prison Term

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That would be nice for him. Whether he gets it? Another matter.

His lawyers told a judge who will be sentencing the dashing Italian con man, who pleaded guilty last month to fraud charges, that he will "crack" in jail.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

Excuse us while we shed tears for Raffaello Follieri.

His lawyer, Flora Edwards, argued for a three-year prison term, on the low end of the spectrum — he could serve more than five. Her reasoning:

"[Raffaello Follieri] was surrounded by movie stars and celebrities ... this young man who neither drinks nor smokes became intoxicated with it all ... Unfortunately, he lacked the resources to maintain the opulent lifestyle of his new friends. Even more unfortunately, he had almost unfettered access to hundreds of thousands of dollars with few controls on his spending ability, until it was too late."

It's true, this is so sad. Dating Anne Hathaway, living in a $40,000-a-month NYC apartment, jet setting around the world, getting blown at sea. Life is tough.

Raffaello Follieri will be officially sentenced October 23. However many years he gets, hopefully his lawyer requests a single-bunk cell. Roommates totally suck.

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