Pamela Anderson Hates on Katie Price

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It's a battle of big boobs!

In an interview with Great Britain's The Sun, Pamela Anderson had harsh words for British model Katie Price. We don't know why, but we're excited to report them:

Katie Price, Underwear Pic

"I have no idea how she became famous. She shows off her kids all the time in TV shows - that's beyond low. I’d never do that. Kids can’t make that decision at that age, can they?”

We agree with the sentiment that children ought to be kept off reality TV shows (are you listening, Denise Richards?) - but is Anderson really unsure how Price became famous? We can think of two reasons:

  1. Large breasts;
  2. Naked pictures.

Sound familiar, Pam?

How will Katie Price respond to Pamela Anderson's critique? She may use her fake boobs as a weapon!

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I agree with the two posts above. Pam looks bad for her age, she contracted diseases due to bad sex choices, she badmouths other celebs, gets married and divorced often. At least Katie is down to earth, plus she has real hobbies like equestrian sports which take a lot of discipline. Pam needs to keep her mouth shut - ugly is as ugly does.


Pam's just jealous that Katie is much more beautiful and YOUNGER! Pam's a has been and looks like it.


Katie Price is actually quite down to earth now. Yes, she has her kids on tv but she has also had her boobs reduced. It can't be easy for her, her first kid has some sort of disease! Pamela Anderson is just a whore!