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A friend of Jennifer Hudson says he tried to warn the family about William Balfour, who is currently the main "person of interest" in the shootings of Hudson's mom, Darnell; brother, Jason and 7-year-old nephew, Julian King.

William Balfour, a.k.a. "Flex" - who's divorced from Hudson's sister, Julia, a bus driver - got into a huge fight with Julia, Darnell and Jason about a month ago, a neighbor says. James Peyton, Hudson's ex-fiance, was also present.

Jennifer Hudson Us Weekly Cover

"Flex tried to start a fistfight with Jason, and James beat up Flex," the neighbor tells Us Weekly, which features the Hudson family murders on its cover.

Shortly after, Balfour began to threaten the family, saying "he would kill Julia and mess up everyone inside the house." One supposed reason for the feud? Julia claimed that Balfour sold one of their cars without permission.

"Flex was crazy, but Jason never took him seriously," the source said. "Jason always thought he would be safe, that he could protect himself."

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Larry Birkhead has posed with his daughter for yet another celebrity gossip magazine story.

It's almost as if the father of Dannielynn is receiving cash payments for each of these opportunities.

Dannielynn in OK!

In the latest issue of Life & Style, Birkhead says that he'd love to give his daughter a sibling at some point.

“I want to have another child. It would be tough for me to do right now, but in a couple of years, definitely.”

But what if Larry doesn't meet someone who is attracted to his need to pose for every tabloid that calls? Will he explore adoption?

“Right now I’m so busy making money off my daughter taking care of Dannielynn, I don’t have time to get out there and date,” he said. “So while I’d love to have another baby of my own, I’d be happy to adopt a little brother or sister for her.”

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First, Miley Cyrus starred in a Hannah Montana movie.

Now, Disney is hoping to make Selena Gomez into a future film star. The actress has confirmed plans for big screen version of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Precious Twosome

"Yes! We actually want to shoot it here in New York," she told MTV News, adding her own idea of what the flick would be about: "I think it would have to be that our secret is about to be exposed."

Before movie plans can be finalized, though, Selena is busy with the current season of the TV show; and her character is in for an exciting development on it.

"She gets her first boyfriend. His name is Daniel, and he's just this really sweet guy who, I honestly think, has a lot of potential. I think he's going to do great.

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She's all but vanished from The Hills in recent weeks - and now we know why.

Whitney Port and her musician-model boyfriend, Jay Lyon, embrace during at a photo shoot for MTV's new reality series, The City, in NYC on Wednesday ...

Jay Lyon and Whitney Port

CITY COUPLE: Australia native Jay Lyon used to date Miranda Kerr. Now he's with Whitney Port, and will be on her Hills spin-off come 2009. [Photo Credit: Ramey]

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Who knew that one of our most impassioned political orators would come from daytime TV? Love her or hate her, Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View has used her daily airtime to speak at length about her support of Sen. John McCain.

Hasselbeck's fiery rhetoric has become so prevalent, it even sparked several rumors that she might ditch Joy Behar & Co. for a job at Fox News.

She's shot down those rumors for now, but there's little doubt that her profile rises with each passing day. Here's a look at the past week-plus:

Oct. 20: The View co-hosts Hasselbeck, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar spar about Gov. Sarah Palin's perceived snub of not appearing on the show.

Oct. 21: Hasselbeck wears a T-shirt that she designed on The View that reads "AmeriMcCain Hero." Political implications aside, it's just confusing.

Oct. 22: Barbara Walters asks if Hasselbeck and Behar ever see eye-to-eye on political issues. Elisabeth Hasselbeck says that's possible since she once considered voting for Obama. Behar calls her "delusional." Hasselbeck bristles at being called a liar, and fires back that Joy should go have "more of the Barack Obama Kool-Aid."

Oct. 23: Celeb news sites report that Behar told Hasselbeck she is making a fool of herself, and that the two are bitterly fighting behind the scenes.

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Star Magazine, also known as the beacon of celebrity news integrity, has a great story this morning - that Ashley Olsen is contemplating getting some larger breasts and trying to persuade twin sister Mary-Kate to get them as well.

“Ashley is considering getting her boobs done - she wants to be more voluptuous," reports a supposed insider. "And she told Mary-Kate that she wanted her to get one at the same time so that it wouldn’t be glaringly obvious."

Mary-Kate Olsen of Weeds

The article continues: "That way, they could say that they had just both matured and were filling out naturally.” Mmm hmm. Just like Audrina Patridge.

Mary-Kate Olsen, according to the report, is not a fan - she is “horrified” by the idea and “hates being told what to do and how to look by Ashley.”

NOTE TO THE OLSEN TWINS: If looking "voluptuous" is really the goal, you might start with a little nourishment. Seriously. Try the bacon cheeseburger the next time you're out. Not only will it "fill you out," but it will piss off PETA.

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"Do you even know who I am, f**king idiot?...Google me, you dumb f**k."

- Courtenay Semel to a security guard in Las Vegas, following an August arrest

While Courtenay Semel is engaged in a fake lesbian relationship with Tila Tequila, there's nothing phony about the trouble she now finds herself in.

The security guard to whom Courtenay uttered the famous lines above is suing her for allegedly throwing down with him in a drunken stupor a few months ago.

According to TMZ, in a lawsuit filed yesterday, Jaroslaw Jarczok says he was working security at PURE Nightclub when Semel was "quite intoxicated due to alcohol and/or chemical or other substances."

She cursed him out, chaos ensued and the daughter of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel was eventually handcuffed. After that, Courtenay allegedly punched Jarczok in the face and spoke the words that deserve to be repeated:

"Do you even know who I am, f**king idiot?...Google me, you dumb f**k."

Jarczok is seeking unspecified damages.

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When Jennifer Love Hewitt is not whispering to ghosts, she's standing up for those in Hollywood accused of being overweight.

That's why the actress couldn't help but speak out on the recent Dancing with the Stars weight controversy that has befallen Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Image

"Cheryl Burke is so beautiful and an amazing dancer and that's what people should concentrate on," Hewitt said yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Hewitt, of course, is no stranger to criticism over her body. After an unflattering bikini picture of the star surfaced last year, she went public with support of women who don't qualify as a size zero.

"I was happy with myself in those photos, and I'm still happy," the actress said.

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Every James Bond needs a woman by his side.

And while Daniel Craig cozies up to Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko on screen in Quantum of Solace, he took his real-life girlfriend to the movie's premiere in London yesterday.

Satsuki Mitchell and Daniel Craig

Here's a shot of Craig posing on the red carpet alongside Satsuki Mitchell.

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell pose for photographers at the London premiere of Quantum of Solace.

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While son Kingston feels up Ruby Maguire, Gwen Stefani is showing off two-month old Zuma to the world.

The pair visited a library in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Her Madgesty

Zuma's dad, rocker Gavin Rossdale, describes the baby as "amazing" and "very sweet," adding:

"He hangs out. He's got his neck together. He's gone through with the floppy stage."

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