New Couple Alert: Carrie Underwood and Travis Stork!

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Travis Stork failed to find love on The Bachelor. On the Paris edition of that ridiculous show, he chose - and promptly broke up with - contestant Sarah Stone.

Now, Stork is reportedly mining another reality show for love: witnesses say they spotted him backstage at a recent Carrie Underwood concert in Nashville. When asked if he was dating the former American Idol champion, Travis smiled broadly.

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Travis Stork? Really, Carrie? Call us. We'll help you find the right guy.

We have an unhealthy crush on Underwood, but she might need help in the love department.

The beauty has dated Chace Crawford (possibly gay with co-star Ed Westwick); Tony Romo (somehow dating Jessica Simpson); and now Stork (a desperate, unreliable reality star and new host of The Doctors, a spin-off of Dr. Phil. Yikes.)

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Hi travis stork i want ,s to say that i love ur show so much but it is so sad that we haven,t met before and i also want to say that u should do what pleases u and not listen to gossip and rumor


please i will love to date storks . he can do better!


I just seek your new internet, my dream is to met you
Travis I Love you


Don't waste your time on Carrie, she is too young. Go with a woman who knows what she wants... like Jennifer Aniston. You two would be great!! Chow,


Hi, E, I met you in Little Rock after the show. We were all waiting out by the buses and all those little tweeners were freakin out cause Matt had on a blonde wig! My friend said is this Garretts wife and some older people with you said gf.
Do you know when they started dating or how they met? That would be interesting to know. You can PM me on Carriefans I'm Texasstarfan.


I have been dating Carrie's drummer, Garrett, for the past 4 years... i go to alooot of her shows. ..Yes, its true. He is on the road with her for 3 weeks. The 1st time i saw him he was walking her dog with little baggies picking up his poop... hes already whipped!!


There are pictures. He flew into KC on Monday and was at her concert on Tues. then on Thurs. Tonight she will be in Chicago and I bet her will be there too and fly out of O'Hare.


go girl you deserve it!!!


Please. There is no evidence to suggest that Stork isn't simply playing up the gossip world to gain his 15 minutes of fame. Stork dating Underwood? I'll believe it when I see it.

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