Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney: Roommates!

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Suck on this, Heather Mills!

Paul McCartney has asked his new, better girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, to move in with him at the East Sussex home he bought as wedding gift for first wife Linda in 1969.

While the couple isn't engaged yet, a source told Great Britain's The Sun that life could not be better for the singer and his love.

“Paul and Nancy are as solid a couple as you can get after just a short time together," the source said about the couple, which has been dating for five months. "It made sense to him just to ask her to move in. She’ll still travel between here and America, but is setting up home with Paul."

After spending years with Heather Mills, Paul McCartney is used to watching his back.

It also helps, this friend added, that Shevell is well-liked by Paul's young daughter.

“He asked Beatrice if she liked Nancy and got a resounding ‘Yes’, which meant the world to him.”


Aging rock stars are a dime a dozen, but Sir Paul has always been charming and deserves a good match for a change. Let all the stars grumble over their life, while Sir Paul and Nancy maintain a relationship to envy.


Well isn't delightful that the popular consenses for an aging rock star is to date the arena of bachelorettes. Why would he want to do that anyway, so he has a fling with a twit or a bimbo, why not leave that for his kids. I'm certain anyman with Paul life experience can handle women and get them to scream first. Why worry that he's a twit and she's so cool and he'd gonna loose everything while she just unwravells the poor guy. That idea is stupid, and with this couple they certainly have been around the block a few times and now enjoy the view in the remaining years of life. And they both look great!


To corrigate his PR: According to English tabloid newspapers, a Nancy Shevell-Blakeman had given exclusive interviews in April 08, they started their sexy times (adultery) in Nov07, crying around she is the one when Paul McCartney was linked to another in Europe and was seen at a jewellery. Nancy on the run is still married but goes to bed at 9 o´clock with Paul McCartney as he is telling the reporters. Sex, drugs and no rock´n roll. A Nancy Shevell-Blakeman is her father´s daughter, isn´t she? The one is lying and the other is betraying, what a solid couple of magpies!

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