Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar Rumble on The View

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The presidential election is under two weeks away and tension is rising around the country. The set of The View may be the epicenter of political squabbling.

As usual, the show's resident hot conservative pundit, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clashed with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar over Barack Obama and taxes. But apparently, that was nothing compared to a confrontation taking place after the broadcast.

Hasselbeck was reportedly pissed that Behar has been using The View to tout Behar's upcoming stand-up performance, which she called "political in nature." Elisabeth, sporting a tight little John McCain t-shirt, demanded equal time.

Joy got in Elisabeth's face, screaming "If you do that again I will burn you down." (!?) Elisabeth turned beet red and started to stammer out something. At that point, Joy turned around and yelled, "Shut the f*%k up!" and stormed off.

Just another week at the office.

Below is one of the exchanges (follow this link for more classic, past and present, inflammatory Elisabeth Hasselbeck videos) that sparked it...


I have e-mailed the Defense Department requesting that they use The "liberal View" and the liberal blather on "THE VIEW" on our enemy prisoners. Tie these prisoners up and make these prisoners watch this liberal drivel. Before very long, prisoners will be screaming at the top of their lungs, "PLEASE HAVE MERCY, NO MORE LIBERAL VIEW. HAVE MERCY, PLEASE NO MORE"


I think Joy Behar is the funniest host on The View. Hasselbeck is the most annoying host on television. I don't think this because she's a Republican, but because she is a blithering idiot. Her political beliefs have nothing to do with it. If they are going to have someone representing Republicans on that show, then why don't they get someone with some poise, who carries themselves like an adult.


The View started going downhill fast when the cooler and more intelligent heads of Lisa and Meredith left. Since then it is indeed a circus, or should I say freak show. Everyone but Elisabeth is so far left and can't or don't care to hide their disdain for and "superiority " over anyone who doesn't share their views. I am so tired of their sour faces and screaming that I can't bear to watch the show anymore. I am a moderate but your idiocy is driving me to the right. Your show is no longer entertaining or watchable. Lighten up ladies, your actions are most unbecoming!


Joy Behar is an idiot. I'm surprised they get any guest on The View. If she likes you she is all smiles and your best
friend. If she doesn't like you she spends the entire interview with a face that would kill. Lighten up Joy the name of your show is The View. Everyone has their own view, it's not just yours. Elisabeth you would be really smart to leave this circus show, your much better then they are.


There are no rumbles or fights on the View. There are simply beat downs of Miss Hasselbeck. Goldberg and Behar simply shout over anything she may be trying to express.

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