Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar Rumble on The View

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The presidential election is under two weeks away and tension is rising around the country. The set of The View may be the epicenter of political squabbling.

As usual, the show's resident hot conservative pundit, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clashed with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar over Barack Obama and taxes. But apparently, that was nothing compared to a confrontation taking place after the broadcast.

Hasselbeck was reportedly pissed that Behar has been using The View to tout Behar's upcoming stand-up performance, which she called "political in nature." Elisabeth, sporting a tight little John McCain t-shirt, demanded equal time.

Joy got in Elisabeth's face, screaming "If you do that again I will burn you down." (!?) Elisabeth turned beet red and started to stammer out something. At that point, Joy turned around and yelled, "Shut the f*%k up!" and stormed off.

Just another week at the office.

Below is one of the exchanges (follow this link for more classic, past and present, inflammatory Elisabeth Hasselbeck videos) that sparked it...


This is to Elisabeth Hasselbeck. "Elisabeth, on Wednesday after we elected our new President -- YOU changed my opinion of you! We all heard how you believed that Senator McCain should be the next Pres, yet there you were speaking in only the positives about Obama. Your daughter Grace has a very excellent role model. She is a lucky girl, and you have me as a fan. I see what you are about now. Thank you for a lesson on how to behave! Fondly, Marly


Frankly, I've had it up to here with reality shows and their participants emerging as d-list celebrities and getting more than their 15 minutes. Maybe Hasselbeck could team up with Omarosa, Richard whatsisname from the first "Survivor" show, and the twit who married the phoney millionaire to star in an Internet program titled, "No Experience Necessary." Get rid of Hasselbeck, puhleeeeese!


I am done with the view until they either get rid of Joy or muzzel her. Not everyone in this country is a liberal and I am done listening that woman's "view" I want ALL OF THEIR VIEWS or cut the show and yes that View includes Elizabeth Hasselbecks. GET RID OF JOY


This show has gone on to far. We have enough fighting in the world why should it be on the View too. You need to calm things down on the show. Something good should be talked about.


"Joy"...could it get anymore oxymoronic that that??


I have watched The View ever since it came on the air and have hardly ever missed an episode, but for the past few months I have been tempted many times to turn it off when Elizabeth goes off on one of her tangents. I really don't care if she is a republican or democrat, or anything else for that matter, even a member of the Alaska Independence Party, as both the Palin's were, at least up until recently. I just wish she would be more honest when she starts with one of her rants. If you think Joy is bad, watch closely Elisabeth's posture and how she nearly comes out of her seat when you say something she doesn't agree with. Be honest everyone, she is the instigator on the show, not Joy, Whoopi, Sheri, are Barbara. I know it looks like she is being ganged up on sometimes, but she brings it on herself because she gets so wound up that she cannot force the other women to change their View.


cas. What college did you go graduate from? it seems you got a degree in not knowing your fact's and an A+ in bad language. maybe you should try out for the view?
that's my last words to IGNORANCE!


Hasselback has no experience as a talk show hosts and no business even talking about politics. She is an idiot. She makes no sense, uses small words, get annoyed because her notes arent accurate. She could never wax poetically like Barak Obama, hell she wouldnt even be able comphrehend a conversation with him. She crams just like sarah palin for every show and as always her facts are wrong. Its not enough to read ms hasselback, you need to do research to back up your facts. Oh you probably didnt go to college so she wouldnt know the first thing about research!!!


I wouldn't blame Elizabeth for leaving the show. Talk about a hostile work environment! Whoopie, Joy, and Barbara are just typical of how elitist lefties HATE people who disagree with them. According to those in the leftist media, you are not only stupid if you are conservative, you are also a BAD person who is making the world a worse place by your existence. What a bunch of hypocritical mind-numbed intellectual zeros! I agree that we should use the show as torture at GITMO. They might feel so badly for us that we have to put up with those mouthy and ill-dignified women that they would forget about jihad and just sponsor "The View"!


Hasselback is a closet racist who's only claim to fame is survivor the reality show. She knew she wasnt going anywhere in life so she became a groupie and got knocked up by a football player,

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